NS Ramblings5: “HEAR… from HERE you’ll get THERE”

NS Ramblings5: “HEAR… from HERE you’ll get THERE”

They sit in their clay thrones

and peer down, human drones

they throw muck and mock your words

and poke at them with heated swords

they leave the logs in their eyes

and tear your precious words like mice

they speak like they be queens and kings

and spit words you that to cringe

they make you naked like thread-less spools

shall you blame them? no,  some be fools


but when their words be true

remove the specks, make a better you

HEAR, heed their words, and be strong

and from HERE, you’ll get THERE before long


criticisms makes the man>>>>>

25 thoughts on “NS Ramblings5: “HEAR… from HERE you’ll get THERE”” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. VERY nice, the connection was very easy… Sori abt my attitude, how can I help deactivate ur mute mode?

  2. tearing your precious words like mice… Perhaps, you could have called this ‘the wounds of a writer’

    1. this poem was not inspired by me but a few of the scathing remarks somebody made on a post by a member here. funny enough, some people are accusing me of doing the same in recent times

  3. ‘A Writer’s Wound’ u mean?

  4. Mr Xikay….U don come again…Kai! No wound us oh!!! Very nice.

  5. Xikay the rhymer…..Loving these ramblings all the way.

    Keep ’em coming.

    Well done!!!

  6. Ahaha, this is about people critiquing others’ work, innit? Yes indeed, [they] tear [one’s]precious words like mice. I love it, especially the sarcastic undertones it has… They sit on thrones (Clay albeit) and they think they are queens, and kings…Lovely. Anyways, I know this time u’ll want to send me on (t)ex(t)ile like you promised, lol. I come back with my EFCC eyes…

    Normally when I read your works, I usually don’t have any bumps, nothing stops me, it flows, but I had to stop while reading “…they speak like they be queens and kings; and spit words you that to cringe…” Some words are missing in the second clause/phrase/sentence(don’t know which one it is, lol)..Maybe it’s “spit words at you that make you cringe?” Good Job again!

  7. @4ran6, really it was never activated at all, was just kidding…I’ve been on assignment that’s why I’ve not been commenting on posts…I’m with you, always bro…
    @idoko, i wrote this piece when i read a comment last week on a post by a new writer and i wonder how the writer must have felt…i just put out this poem to caution everybody about how comments. criticisms should be made and taken…
    @raymond, thank my main man…
    @lawal, I’m on the trail…following up the masters…lol

    @ayokunle, there’s a problem with pasting NS that jumbles up your works… the line read:

  8. Ramblings becoming the hit series on NS. Very brief and straight to the point. Very good one. Critics make an artist. Critics destroy an artist as well.

  9. nice work Xikay, however, I believe sincerity supercedes emotions when criticizing works; if it’s good say so, otherwise…

  10. @jaywriter, you can say that again bro…me thank you
    @scopeman60, i agree and you will see that i try to be frank with my criticism, CONSTRUCTIVE criticsm is needed but some people, even here on NS may do otherwise and i noticed the throes of a new member here, twas sad…lets find a way of helping rather than tearing apart…

  11. Well said…NS ramblings is a fit title too

  12. And that I was that inspiration? Very well handled… Not every critic makes a good writer, u r different! So much has been said about that poem already… Just rewrote ‘The Stare’.

  13. @4ran6, and after you re-wrote it i guess you saw the usefulness of the the criticisms…that’s what makes us…HEED AND FROM HERE YOU’LL GET THERE!

  14. As you rambled, you ‘cried’, you ‘spat’, you ‘coughed’ and then you ‘spoke’. Ok. It’s good to praise those critics, my dear chronic ‘rhymster’ @Xikay. Thanks for doing that for us writers. Muchios gratias. Those critics deserve a little praise and a little heat from us once in a while, right, don’t you think, hm? Those very necessary evils, hm? :)

  15. @emmanuella, i know you know that those THEY are US+me n u… thanks ME-DEAR
    @4ran6, i’ve seen the re-write…well done…

    1. Confusionist to the core! :D Amen!!!!

  16. @emmanuella, you know we would make a cute pair…boxing gloves and all

    1. @Xikay, geez, I can NEVER look silly alongside YOU, you know. :D Samson, if u dey look for Delilah, please try next door, biko. I truly dodge from your ‘confusing’ spirit. Amen. Please ramble on, rambler, ‘rhymster’. U go over-rhyme sote im go jump komot from ur nose, o! WARNING!!!

  17. @emmanuella, you must be….!?

  18. Im there now,where are you guys?hehehe

  19. Nicely crafted. The allegory is powerful.

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