Ns Ramblings 3

Ns Ramblings 3

i know a country

where wisdom is green like leaves on a tree

i know a place where words glint

like white diamonds with no tint

i know a wall where the prints of fingers

leave a trail of stains that lingers

i have been to the feast of wisdom

in my hunger and boredom

i have eaten the cake of words

that they say are mightier than swords

i have sipped and i’m drunk

wisdom smells on me like a skunk


here is the garden of eden, our paradise

each tree bears fruits that make wise

the words of some, they make a heart frail

the rhymes of some, they make an eye wail

see the fruits red, yellow and green

each with a shade of emotion in its sheen


its all here in our kingdom, NS…..


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19 thoughts on “Ns Ramblings 3” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. now this is getting even more interesting xikay, u r packing more punch into this, I like that.

  2. Hmm very vivid wordings, i like it, i hope my rhyming doesnt make anyone’s eye wail sha…

  3. @scopeman60, as it comes…, so we give it out…THANKS
    @elly, thank you…if your rhymes makes ppl cry…tis a sign of punch….thanks

  4. Nice one. Good use of words and some good rhyming.

  5. WOW, YOU THIS MAN! I bow oh. Seriously, how you make words rhyme without distracting the audience is remarkable. Love the flowery language here too. Well done!

  6. How come ayokunle echoed my trhought like this?…..lol.

    This is very good xikay.

    Well done!!!

    1. Ahaha, I’ve heard someone say before that great minds think alike, no? And have you seen Inception? Unlike the movie, I don’t steal dreams though, I steal thoughts, ahaha, just kidding!

  7. @jaywriter, thanks man
    @ayokunle, i’m flattered…thanks

  8. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

    Hmmm… @Xikay, your head dey swell with these praises over your poesy, right? Well, not bad, not bad at all! Me, I’m flattened by you, dear NS-top member. Thank God you were careful when you were rhyming, dear rambler. You rhyme with reason, right? Keep ’em coming! :)

  9. @emmanuella, coming from you, i’d say its worth more than its weight in gold, i mean your commendations…as for the rhymes..its a bad habnit i picked from a joke i used to make with a friend…then, we picked a word and kept providing rhymes until one of us fails to give his…thanks

    1. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

      Were you rhyming with your friend or were you rapping, which one, hm? :) What started out as a joke began a journey, my dear, a voyage to the unknown recesses of your psyche. Even the best of me came out as a joke. Then when it was shared, it was sealed at the back of my mind that this is it for me, come what may. In this case, you can easily ‘choke’ on your rhymes, dear. Rhyme till you fail, eh? Na wa o! :D

      Like I said, I am FLATTENED by you, dear, like a door-mat. Your shoes become brand new again once you walk in your house and leave the sands on me… ;)

  10. ha ha ha ha , my dear @emmanuella, have you ever felt really at home on NS, seeing all the stuff written here, nice, cool, sick, boring, purrfect and tainted? well i do! and its because of you guys…

  11. This poem made a good reading.Rhythm n rhymes come easy to u like ABC.The theme is also balanced.Good as gold!

  12. @charles, thanks a lot.. would you like to improve on your rhyming? it comes with practice and lots of reading sire

  13. WHAT DO MY OWN WORDS DO? Hehehehe. Nice one again, Oga Xikay!

  14. @raymond, you know my view of your words…maybe you should watch SHUTTER ISLAND and say it by yaself

    1. Have read the book. Dunno if I should watch the movie, cos I’m afraid it might spoil it for me.

  15. @raymond, the movie is good and as scary as ROAD SAFETY!

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