No Shortcut

No Shortcut

The incumbent governor of Alanta State received a call that gladdened his heart. In spite of his status, he jumped up and down like a school boy on receiving the great news. The tough-talking electoral officer had finally caved in.

Johnson, the governor’s trusted aide had been working assiduously to persuade the electoral officer to substitute the authentic results of the just-concluded elections with the one prepared by the governor’s men. The woman rebuffed their offers right from the first day she was posted to the state.

After the casting of votes, the governor realized how much his people wanted him out of office. In spite of all he did to sway them, they still voted massively for his opponent. At that point, he gave Johnson a fresh mandate to use every possible means to get the electoral officer to co-operate. He was at liberty to take anyone and anything he needed to ensure that the genuine result was not announced.

Johnson’s call lifted the governor from the dumps. He had been worried sick, having waited for many hours to know his fate. That momentous call was a life-saver. It was celebrations galore in the government house.

Johnson returned half an hour later and met the party. The governor took him aside and congratulated him on the feat he performed.
“ Thank you, Your Excellency. It wasn’t easy. That woman is tough.’’

“Are you telling me?’’

“It took persistence. I gave her no rest until she was forced to name her price.”

“Interesting. And what was her price?’’

“ Well, I must say this in fairness to her. She merely wanted to put us off with a high price. She never thought we would meet her conditions. You know these people that live on meager salaries have no idea what it means to be in control of real money.’’

They both laughed.

“ Okay, what exactly did she ask for?’’

“ That her entire family be relocated to the Caribbean Islands immediately. She fears that she will lose her job if she helps us.’’

“Is that all?’’

“ And a little capital to enable them buy a house and settle down, that’s all.’’

“ Fair enough. And how much does that come to?”

“ About a hundred and fifty million will take care of it.’’

“Alright, Osita will see to that.”

“ Your Excellency, she wants it in cash before the announcement of the results.’’

“Then find Osita so that I will give him instructions at once. Johnson, I am impressed. Believe me, this time, I will make you smile.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency.’’

Two hours after Johnson left with the money, the election results were announced on the airwaves. Nze Diala of the opposition party won the governorship seat. The governor’s party turned cold. No sound was heard except the strong din of silence that gripped everyone. When the governor found his voice, he shouted on top of his voice, “where is Johnson?’’

Everyone began to run around in search of Johnson. The people that went to the electoral officer’s place to find Johnson came back with a stunning report. Johnson had not been seen anywhere near the electoral officer in the past three days. He absconded with three other aides of the governor. The blow was total. His Excellency stood like a statue, gazing at the ceiling as he pondered this great betrayal. Finally, he heaved a heavy sigh, sank into a seat and wept like a child.



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  1. Johnson but why? Nice ending :)

  2. Many thanks, Yejide. cheers

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    Jaywriter (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    I guess Johnson must have known what it’ll mean the governor not winning.

    Very nice story. Liked the little suspense at the end. Keep it up.

  4. Avatar of Nnenna-Ihebom
    Nnenna-Ihebom (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Thank you, Jaywriter. cheers

  5. i like the simle language with which the story was told, and also the lil twist at the end.

    Well done!!!

  6. Ditto @Opeyemi…..nice story

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    King kObOkO (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Ok, make I explain my wows. *winks* The first is for the surprising end, the wonderful climax. The second is for superb storytelling; the story unfolds most naturally. And the third is cos I can bet this will get a prize. But I still hope sey na me go carry first o! *winks* WELLest done dear!

    Please comment on mine here:


    The governor took him aside and congratulated him on the feat he performed.[FEAT IS AN EXTRAORDINARY/ GREAT ACHIEVEMENT SO IT CANNOT BE PERFORMED THEREFORE THE WORD 'PERFORMED' SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT]

    “ About a hundred and fifty million will take care of it.’’[THAT KIND OF SEEMS LIKE A VERY LITTLE SUM TO SWAY AN ELECTION RESULT, DON'T YOU THINK??]

    No sound was heard except the strong din of silence that gripped everyone.[THE WORD 'STRONG' MAY BE UNNECESSARY BECAUSE DIN REFERS TO A LOUD...MAYBE CONTINUOUS NOISE SO THE ADJECTIVE 'STRONG' MAY NOT BE NEEDED]


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      Eagle eye. I see you.

  9. Thank you very much for your comments, King Koboko and xikay. I really appreciate your inputs. cheers

  10. Thank you very much, Lancaster and Isaac. Be blessed.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Johnson, SHARP BADT GUY!!!!! Governor ntooooooooo!!!!!
    Short and sweet story. Very good. Check out my own too oh!!!


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    nice! you have my vote

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    Nice story of how bribery is used to sway election results, and the swindler being swindled was a good twist. Kudos!

  15. Avatar of Nnenna-Ihebom
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    Thank you very much,Elly, ayodejit and once more, many thanks to xikay. heers y’all.

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    Very interesting story Nnenna I must say and brilliantly written too. But I didn’t quite see the part that talked about making choices, which is the theme for the contest, hm.

  17. @scopeman, there was no direct mention of choices but many were made here…the gov chose to bribe, his aide chose to dupe him, the people chose to vote him out and the electoral officer chose to be upright,…..abi?

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    the electoral officer was never approached, according to the end of the story.

  19. @scopeman60, sure?….’The woman rebuffed their offers right from the first day she was posted to the state.’

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      seen, thanks for the clarification.

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    I thank you, scopeman for your nice comments. Xikay, many thanks for the carifications. Raymond, be blessed. cheers, y’all.

    1. you are welcome

  21. @nnena, just enjoying myself

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    I like Johnson…he probably tried to convince the woman to sway the results in their favor and when she refused, he tried to get something from the chief before rolling out…serves him right.
    loved it!

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    Nice story…if somewhat ‘rushed’ ending.

    Feels like the title is not exactly apt tho…

    Just me. Nice story.

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