Mindless Melancholic Robots

Black, grey and ash

are the colours they spot

somber clothes and coats

worshipers of the dark.

Grime set faces

not a smile in sight

homo-sapiens their companions not

iPods, blackberries, The Times newspaper, stock shares

are their treasured possessions.

The city devours them

with metallic teeth and claws

and crushes their dreams into fine powdery dust

leaving an empty shell in its vacuum.

I look in the mirror and

I see a creature I know not

clothed in black

with a sad smile

of one who lives just for the present

and realize that the creature in the mirror

is just like the rest of them.


20 thoughts on “Mindless Melancholic Robots” by afro-prince (@olayinka)

  1. the life of 9-5ers, rite? I guess the picture isn’t where u intended it to be.

    1. Yep yep…you hit the nail on the head bro. It is sad how work sometimes consume us so much that we have less & less time for more important things in our lives such as family & friends.

  2. May I not b a corporate slave forever..Amen..
    Well done, the poem depicts the life of a “City” worker as there are called in London.

    1. @ Mariaah Ali I say a big Amen too. Yes, you are right I was referring primarily to(city) workers. I got the inspiration of the poem when i was on the Tube (London underground train)observing those around me.

  3. Thumbs up afro-prince.

    1. Thanks wealth.:)

  4. Very true, you hit the mark with this one, Like the style in which you wrote it. thumbs up!

    1. Thanks Elly. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  5. I liked how you portrayed how inhabitants of the corporate world are processed into uniformity and soullessness in this poem. Good one.

    1. Thanks for your appreciative words Tola. You spoke the words right out of my mouth with your insightful comments.

  6. @afro-prince i be real example….but wetin man go do?

    1. @ xikay: Thank God say you gey NS to dey help you even out……lol.

    2. @xikay Man go chop now u get! But one shouldn’t let work take over the time one spends with family & friends & become a slave to materialism.

  7. An apt depiction of the life of a Londoner. Good job…

    1. @Raymond thanks for the kind words.

  8. This is another good one afro prince.

    well done!!!

  9. Something to ponder on. A very good message. Very good write.

  10. @Jaywriter I am glad you got the message of the poem. Thanks mate.

  11. @afro-prince, now that i am fully enmeshed in the metal wheel myself, the essence of your poem takes on a new dimension to me.

    people now live to work, no time to relax. even at the weekends, the various screens are there to stick to our eyes.

    sad thing is, you cant break away once you get stuck

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