I’m falling

Deeper and deeper

Faster than ever before

I know where this is going

Yet I fight

I fight because I am scared

Scared that this perfect image of you is just an illusion

One I have created for myself- a safe haven

Because you are not the one

But I need you to be

So I project

My desire for love

My hunger for touch



You pervade my senses

I’m hearing your sweetness

Tasting your light

Seeing your voice

Maybe I do love you

The perfect “you” I choose to see

The one who finishes my sentences

And holds me close

The one who takes the pain away

Maybe I do love you

Or maybeI just need to love myself.


18 thoughts on “Maybe…” by Funmi-F (@Funmi-F)

  1. Love, Love, Love. (I have to snicker, pardon me!) Most share this illusion, especially when it comes to the search for “the one”. This is a beautifully written poem, does nothing to limit the voice of the Character. Everything is let out, the flaws, the limitations, the fear, the hope, the frailty…., and that is wonderful. The pain, and the triumph (if any) can be felt. We get the feeling this is a Human, and the very nature we have, and share, maybe not in a similar context makes us to be able to relate. Good Job!!

    Were the lines “I’m hearing your sweetness…Seeing your voice” intentional though? Just asking! As in was it supposed to be part of her illusion? Cos, I haven’t particularly “seen” anybody’s voice before, lol.

  2. Thanks… I kinda wrote it in a five minute rush… It just sort of tumbled out, lol… So that might explain why you felt there was no “limit”. It just flowed.

    As for that part… I don’t know how to explain it… The idea there was that this person has taken over the persona’s senses almost to a point of confusion where she feels like she is seeing sounds- the idea that you’re so obsessed that you feel this other person in every way humanly possible. It’s a bit intense and maybe extreme, but sometimes people make you crazy. :)

  3. Trust me, when it comes to five minute rush(es), you now have a rival, ahaha! ;) Good job, thanks for confirming my suspicions about the fact that she not being able to distinguish between the senses is part of her illusion. And talk about people making one go crazy, HMM! I’ll know, :D

  4. Good poem @Funmi-F….

  5. Hmmm.
    You have no idea Ayo. Don’t you know when you’re in that situation your senses are heightened…you hear smells…see voices and smell sounds. Na madness!
    Funmi. Funmi. Funmi.
    Nuff said.

    1. SEUN KNOWS MEN! LOL… That’s what I’m talking about… :)

      1. yup.
        trust me…i know.

  6. very psychological. What people make you think when love flows from them to you. Its beautiful. Get on with one love.

  7. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    I am with my man Jef on this one. This is really good. Love it!

  8. Aww! this is really good. Spot on on how love affects our perceptions.Welldone Funmi.

  9. I’m with seun on this one too. I totally got the mix up of the senses. It actually adds to the flow.

  10. This flowed well,just like a smoothie, i liked it.

    1. hahahaha… this has to be the most unique compliment I have ever receieved. My writing flows like a smoothie. Thank you! :)

  11. @funmi-f, this is very good. …nice lines

    Tasting your light

    Seeing your voice

    well done

  12. MAYBE, what is most important is not the thing in itself but rather our perception of it. This fact plays itself out in love, friendship, politics as well as business. MAYBE, ultimately life becomes what we make of it. MAYBE, in my estimation, is a good poem.

  13. Thanks Funmi-F for sharing a woman’s perspective on falling in ‘love’.It is interesting to see how the sense get mixed up due to the stirring up of emotions lol.

    1. Thanks Afro-Prince. That wasn’t meant to be taken literally, though… I was just referring to a sense of feeling confused, even flustered. If one felt like they could literally taste light, that would be evidence of insanity.

  14. At least you created a character who knows. Most females don’t. Or do they? Maybe they do.

    I really love this poem. Very sweet and real. Write two more poems like this and I’ll be your number one fan.

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