Kissing Hadiza

Kissing Hadiza

Just as classes ended, I summoned the courage
She was enrolled in June and August is fast approaching,
Yet I hadn’t said a word
Today she wasn’t with Taiwo
The coolest boy in our class
Taiwo had a 504 and he takes her to Pintos most Fridays after lesson
Taiwo brother sends him $50 every month so he kind of is the biggest boy in town

She has dark hair and fresh dark skinned
And there is something different about her looks
But even in that, what attracted me to her, I don’t know
Was it because she wore those black leggings, and does braids without the fear of any teacher harassing?
Or was it because she dated an SS3 boy before?
Or maybe it was her striking similarity with my childhood fantasy Kimberly Drummond (Dana Plato) from different stroke (only blacker)?
..or her name……. “Hadiza”?
Or was it how she said it “”?

I had been working on our hook up, since the 1st time I saw her
I had quietly studied her routines and figured out, Thursday was right to make a move
Taiwo would be having Agric science classes today
And we would be together in social studies

When I woke up, I took out my best clothes
The hood top dad bought from London
Ironed my Levi jeans
And my black boots
Stole my uncle’s Tommy Hilfiger perfume
And pat my chin with a dab of Methylated Spirit
Almost put on my Ray Bann glasses by my brother said no:

“As a home boy, it is about your lyrics

You gats to give her lyrics
Hadiza, I want to talk, you know wat’s I’m saying. I want you to be my special girl
Look in her eyes and Give her the Boyz II Men, ‘I’ll make love to you’ flow!
Girl relax, let’s go slow
I ain’t got nowhere to go
I’m just gonna concentrate on you
Girl, are you ready
Boi, she will trip

So I waited till it was break-time
The stroll to her seat (four desk away) kept my heart thumbing
As she was about to get up, I grabbed her wrist
She looked at me startled, calling out my nickname “Professor, what do you want?
Wondering what this strange boy, who never talks to anyone, will be disturbing her for

I shivered as I heard her speak
The whole class stopped and looked
I think she sensed my intentions as all I could reply was
“Do you have the social studies assignment of yesterday?”

She smiled and said quietly “I know you have it, but just want to talk to me, abi?
I nodded, speechless.
As she took me through the exercises, her hand touched mine
When she finished, I thanked her and she smiled again and said those precious words
Anytime dear
I beamed from those words

My brother would hear a different story when I get home
He would hear about how I kissed Hadiza.

9 thoughts on “Kissing Hadiza” by Seyi Osinowo (@seyi987yahoo)

  1. Bro U sure are crazy!!! Dis was unbelievably hilarious! You sure do have a great sense of humour

    1. lol.thanx boss!

  2. Very funny and descriptive story but I do not agree that your pictures suited the story, if I were you I would use pics with proper black Niaja faces..

  3. @idoko, would have loved to do that. but absence of black pics online, really is a limitation.

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. I enjoyed the story, and how guys can also make up these sort of stuff, hilarious! I understand about the pictures, it’s tough finding some for my blog too. Kudos.

  5. you ‘liar’ you ain’t got balls? hmph!

  6. Your story reminds me of my high schol days where we were first mixed with another school within the same compound.And you know the adrenaline pumping to talk to the girls you have always eyed.all you have described here succinctly captures the feelings and attitudes.You did well.thumbs up!

  7. so much like high school man, and that excuuses the few errors I noted. And um, the pictures, u cud do without them next time if they don’t actually fit, hm?

  8. cool, needs work

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