‘Just us 4’

‘Just us 4’


They are the flowers in the thorn bush

that dangle according to the rays of the sun

They speak a language, familiar and foreign

They make homes, create shelters

They prepare food, cook edibles

all on paper, only on paper

Eyes are fed, nurtured and nourished



We pass…
You pass
I pass

“May I pass please?”
“Your pass, please!”

I need a pass to pass.
I need to pass my exams.
“I will pass over you.”
Pass under?
“Pass, bo!”
“Pass me up, men!”
“Well done, you have passed!”
“Wow, what a pass!”
“Pass me the ball!”

Plenty passing phrases

We all pass…
We pass by
We pass around
We pass over
We pass in-between
We pass under
We pass in-front
We pass behind
We pass in
We pass out
We pass off
We pass on
We pass away


It startled the birds as
It flies through
The air.
It troubled the
Earth, as it
It came
With a bang
And was
It got
Stabbed as it
Announced its
Hearers took it to
Refine it, cure its
It was healed and
Adhered, but the
Refinery is

The ‘peacock’…

I always hear the peacock
eight o’clock, nine o’clock
and I remove my sleeping sock

My dear bird of pride
always near, always by my side
and always choosing where to hide

There was always a cock, a chick and hen
in my compound, there should be more than ten
as I utter these verses with my pen

This peacock I always hear
once you come ever so near
it turns around to disappear

9 thoughts on “‘Just us 4’” by Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

  1. @Emmanuella,I love “On paper”.I don’t know why but the Peacock reminds me of one of my favorite children authors, Dr. Seuss.I am looking for more poems from you.

    1. @Jefsaraurmax, I don’t know, but that poem that you love was in stanzas. What the f*k did the @Admin do to it, hm? I am more than sure, so sure, that ON PAPER had about three short stanzas. Now, I am really pissed, hm! :( :( :( I edited this thing severally after pasting it in my little NS-kitty. What went wrong, hm? :(

      Well, the thing about this is it can’t be changed, right? God…

      1. And I don’t understand the tag @Admin placed there, o! Na dem place am, o! So I no fit explain myself for dis wan, o, biko! Na only @Admin fit explain d tag wey dem put for dis 4 short poems, o! Chikena!

        1. Abeg,no vex too much for them sha, hm. We still enjoyed it somehow.

  2. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    “on paper” and “peacock” did it for me. For the former, probably because, for me, it reads very personal, the latter, more because of the rhyming pattern — i read it aloud and it seemed to slid through my tongue. Emmanuella, You know you are good at this, so no praises.

  3. cant say much, will well done ma’am do?

  4. This is the queen demonstrating poetry. Can you pass me a passing phrase in a passing way after my passing comment? You did well. And I particularly like the peacock piece for its ryhthm and rhyme. Go on getting the ink from the well. Good one, Emmanuella dear.

  5. I know say you no de like hear well done, but as I no get any criticisms nko?

    Loved ‘pass’ all the way. People wey dey call you mastress know wetin dem dey talk.

    Well done!!!

  6. I loved Pass too, wished it could go on and on…

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