Dance Club- II

Dance Club- II

Scene 3
(somewhere in lagos)
Doctor Rolland: The patient is reacting to the substance.
Nurse titi: What!
Doctor Gideon: You cant tell him that.(shouting) Do something!
(Susan on the phone)
Adelabi Ronke: (On the other line) What ?! On my seat? I know you………………….
Holland Susan: I told you earlier, a teacher was in class………………
Ronke: ( Changing the subject)How di d Kate know that I am in th e US of A.
Susan: Girl, everyone in Anabells knows. Don’t blame me, I don’t have an idea of how.
Ronke: I hope you two haven’t had any fight yet.
Susan: Not really. She saw Anderson and I going for club and she freaked out totally. I can’t believe we were best friends, once upon a time.
Ronke: Babe,I have heard you say that like, almost every day.Can’t you forget about it.She and Adeola still friends?
Susan: Yes oh! All She could say was, (mimicking Adeola)” Have a nice day, Susan.”
Ronke: I thought she was going to dump her, because of her post.
Susan: That’s true. They had a quarrel on Friday and deola was very angry, wonder what happens next.
Ronke: I’m sured Kate would make the first move to apologise.
Susan: Why did you say that?
Ronke: Kate knows no one is ready to harbour her as a friend, so, Deola is her only option.
(After what seemed like ages)
Ronke: Mike was supposed to resume on Monday, did he?
Susan: Yeah, he did.We haven’t had any practice after you left. Eh hen. Can you Imagine that Kate came to my class that Monday to acuse me of saying my Dad was born in Holland and he was named after her, I …………………………………………. Hello, ronke…Oh no! She ran out of air time. (squeezing her lips )Damn!. I have put her in trouble again, third time in two weeks. Doubt she would ever call me again.
Scene 4
(In Mrs Holland’s office)
Mr Dorothy:…………….. (smiling) I just dropped by to ask about lunch.
Mrs Holland:Mr Dorothy , I’m…………..
Mr Dorothy: Its Sanya.
Mr s Holland: I’m Very sorry to disappoint you I cn’t go out on any other date with you, besides I have a date with someone else today.
Mr Dorothy: For the sake of jelousy, may I know who I am competing with?
Mrs Holland: My kids.
Mr |Dorothy: (face lits up) oh! ( thinking) Can’t we go together?
Mrs Holland: What do I tell them?
Mr Dorothy: ( taking a seat) Susan and Sam are not what you take them as ……………….
Mrs Holland: You insult me, Mr Dorothy.
Mr Dorothy: (Chuckles) Its Sanya. I didn’t mean to be rude, Katerine, You have to accept it, they are not kids anymore. Thay can’t tell me they don’t have crushes or Boy or Girl friends. Aderinsola my daughter came home one day and ask me to give her advice, she was fourteen then. A boy in her class was disturbing her, I told her the do’s and don’t’s, cause I am not raising no babies.
Mrs Holland: I am married.
Mr Dorothy: you have been wearing that ringing for years and we know there is nothing to show for it.
Mrs Holland: Excuse me.
Mr Dorothy: (standing up) I will excuse you.( He Leaves)
Mrs Holland buries her head in her hands and sobs.


Scene 5
( SSS 2 Arts the bell goes)
Peters Anderson:Oh no! Not again.
Holland Susan: (parking up her books) Hurry I don’t want to be late for social club today.
Peters Anderson:Which Club?
Holland Susan:Drama. You?
Peters Anderson: Coming with you
Holland Susan:With the rumour ? Big no.
Anderson: Am outta here.(Walking away)
Susan: (lookin at him leave) I didn’t mean to………………………….
Andersonturns to face her) Drop it, I’m Leaving they won’t talk anymore.
Susan: What did…………..(looks at her wristwatch) Oops I’m late.
(she rushes out, when she got to the drama clus venue she didn’t find Anderson there.)
Nwosu Mike: (looking at susan coming in) Susan, You are late, again.
Susan: Sorry y’all. I am here now, so what’s up?

(After School)
Nwosu Mike : I’m Surprised.
Holland Susan: Why?
Mike: We are walking to the school bus together, Ronke is not here and we are getting along pretty well. Its like a miracle.
Susan: Yeah, Remember we could not stand each other
Mike: I was thinking you and that new boy……….
Susan:The name is Peters Anderson.
Mike: (smiling) Anderson are supposed to …..i mean.., I don’t see you guys together as I used to…………..I mean ..Aren’t you guys friend anymore?
Susan: We were friends, we still are.(sighs) Micheal, Why did you ask?
Mike: Not again, don’t start. My name is Mike not Micheal. I’ve told you like a million times before and you know that is the reason we are always quarrelling.
Susan:Whatever, Sorry. But you haven’t answered my question yet.
Mike: (Walking faster) Never mind, you’ve succeded in getting on my nerves.
Susan: (Smiling and shouting after him) Didn’t me to.

Scene 5
(During Break period. Susan walked into the class from the cafeteria, she was stunned when she met Mike and Anderson talking, she wanted to leave immediately but it was too late they saw her)
Nwosu Mike: Sussy, How are you?
Holland Susan: (trying to put on a smile) Fine, you?
Peters Anderson: Why the sudden long face?
(Immediately the bell went, Susan was so happy because she had no reply for Anderson.)
Mike: see you guys after school ( he leaves)
Anderson: aight
Susan: Sorry, I was harsh
Anderson: (smiling)I’m glad you are, (biting his lower lip and gives a nod) so we cool?
Susan: Yeah, but…………….
(A teacher enters)
(After the lesson)
Anderson: (looking at her) Susan
Susan:( Looking at the teacher) He is barely out of the class.
(Few minutes later)
Anderson: I’ve been thinking of this for a while now,..
Susan: Don’t even think of it…….
Anderson: Believe me its going to work
Susan: (seriously)not interested
Anderson: What do you mean not interested? What do you think is on my mind?
Susan: (sighs) never mind, shoot
Anderson: Don’t you think we can have a…………………..
Susan: I told you not to think and you are asking me to the think, I said I ……………..
Anderson: (confused) …………. a club.
Susan: (dumbfounded) what? Sorry I ………….
Anderson: (ignoring her apology)Our own dance club before next Wednesday.
Susan: I’ve thought of our school having a dance club, but I have never thought of originating one. How come I never thought about it.
Anderson: (feeling cool) so, you in?
Susan: (excited) totally, don’t worry about members, I would organise……………..
Anderson: no,no,no, We would have rules
Susan: Rule 1
Anderson: You must audition before you can be a member.
Susan: Fabulous, no club does that. I feel like jumping on you right now
Anderson: Wait till I’m done. Rule……… ( Kate comes in)
Bashorun Kate: (to Anderson)Excuse me. Anderson, as the School Choir Co-ordinator, I Just sign you up for a presentation on Wednesday.
Susan: Anderson, you didn’t tell me you sing for the choir.
Kateraising her right hand to Susan’s face) Now you know.(Holding up a piece of paper to Anderson)Could you sign here just beside your name, if you agree.
Anderson: (looks at Susan, then takes the paper) Sure.
Kate: (grins) You’ve been so helpful.(she leaves)
Susan: (frowning) what did you do that for?
Anderson: I have everything under control.
Susan: So, what about dance club? On that same Wednesday
Anderson: I said I will take care of it. So, where did we stop?
Susanlooking at him sternly) I hope you know what you are putting us through.(Laughing) I thought she said she didn’t want you around her toes, the last time I checked her toes were almost touching yours.
Anderson: (laughing) I’m a fine boy.

Scene 8

(After School, Susan and Anderson were walking towards the school bus. Just behind them was Sam)
Holland Sam: (turning around) there she is. (Shouting) Susan
Susan :( turns around) Yes, can I help you? (Anderson and Susan moved towards him)
Sam: been looking for you for over five minutes
Susan: Why?
Sam: Mum’s around.
Anderson and Susan: Mum?!
Anderson: (to Susan) Why did he say mum, why not your mum?
Susan: I never mentioned it, meet Sam my twin. He is a Science student. Anderson……………..Sam, Sam……….Anderson
Anderson: Pleased to meet you. ASP
Sam: Same here.(to Susan)Can we go now.
Susan: See you tomorrow
Anderson: (smiling) Bye
Susan: Been seeing you guys together lately (pauses) a lot.
Susan: And?
Sam: That’s totally freaky
Susan: What do you mean by freaky?
(just then they get to the Car)
Mrs Holland: Angel!
Susan: Mum! (She rushes to give her a hug)What time did you get back? I really missed you a lot. What did you bring for me? I hope the weather wasn’t harsh on you? Because I ………………………..
Sam: (shouting) Susan! Give her a break. Get into the car.
Mrs Holland: Sam, I can handle it, (facing Susan, who was rushing to get to the passengers seat) which of your question should I answer first?
Sam: (notices Susan) who is competing with you? Dummy
Mrs Holland: That’s enough, Sam, be seated. I don’t want to her any insult from you, ever again. You haven’t changed at all. Both of you are young adult and I expect more from you.
Sam: oh! Like being number talk of the school?
Mrs Holland: What was that suppose to mean?
Sam: Mum, you wouldn’t understand. Ask your daughter who her new best friend is? Or let me tell you, it’s the new boy in SS2.
Susan: Sam?
Sam: Please don’t (mimicking Susan) Sam me.
Mrs Holland: You two stop, right now. Not a word from any of you till we get home.
Sam: Boring.
Susan: I wonder how you became the ASP of the school.
Mrs Holland: (stops the car) Shut up!
( Sam and Susan Placed their right hand on their lips as if they forgot the initial instruction)

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