Business as Usual

Business as Usual

A fateful encounter, or was it?

I would want to go back, and pause it

However, our encounter served a purpose,

Much deeper than what it looked like on the surface

There was something more to it, at least I thought

To accept it was business as usual, that feeling I fought

There had to be something more

Well, at least that’s what I’m hoping for

Look at the way he looks at me

There has to be more than my eyes could see

I must have been the first woman he’s ever loved

Or maybe the last he’ll ever love, since the others he shoved

Away from him, at least that’s what I want to believe

“Stay all night with me babe, I hope you never leave,

To me only, even me, should you cleave,

There is no way you could possibly love anyone else, no way

Not the way we made love, oh you’re leaving, no wait

You loved me, it was not just about the sex

Where do we go from here babe, what’s next?

I could tell from your smile, we shared something deeper

I never want to lose you, I’ll have you for myself, you’re a finder’s keeper

But no, you have to go back home to her, it’s the usual

And I have to get back to work, get back to the way things were, it’s business as usual”


12 thoughts on “Business as Usual” by Ayokunle Falomo (@aryor)

  1. I liked this,effortless read. good one!

    1. Thank you, and I’m glad you find it effortless to read. :)

  2. These are direct words from the heart.. I love it.

  3. Can totally relate to this. Also the story is quite cool. Enjoyed the rhyming too. Think it’s a story that can possibly be explored further. Nice write.

    1. Hmm @jaywriter, I would really love to hear how this relate to you, granted that the Narrator is a female, lol. I’m serious oh! Thanks for stopping by sir!

      1. Well, can relate to the wanting more but at the same time getting the usual and at the same time being okay with it. You get?

        1. Now I get oh! I was waiting to hear a story actually, lol. *wink* Loved how you kinda summarized the theme of the poem. Thanks again.

  4. @ayokunle, well done sire, …i want to slap the girl in question so hard that she will forget her name, what gullibility!! fact is this happens everywhere and everyday and its so sad

    @jaywriter, you better confess

    1. Thank you sir, na you I dey use style follow. We all fall victim, in one way or the other, to such gullibility everyday. I agree it’s :( We hold on to things that would NEVER be. But I don’t blame her though, u know? And, ahaha, tell @jaywriter jare.

  5. Smooth. But I can’t relate like Jay…*wink*

    1. Ahaha, Thanks oh…y’all just want make @jaywriter confess…

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