Arise Compatriots

Arise Compatriots

When nothing’s done,

And blame plays its game;

When so much is said,

And action sounds like a fraction;

When duty calls without answer,

And unreason escapes prison;

When power creates beasts,

And greed becomes creed…

Growth will be gone,

Burnt by inaction’s oppressive flame;

As the core of us and reason fade,

A slight reaction…

When anguish becomes cancer,

And lamentations befit another season,

We’d be called to different feasts,

To dine for those death’s freed.

16 thoughts on “Arise Compatriots” by 4ran6 (@4ran6)

  1. but may that not be the end for us. Keep up the good work 4ran6…

  2. 4ran6 good one, a re-read gave me the full gist though… Thumbs up!

  3. @Scopeman, Amen! Thanks, I’d do my best, just keep reading and being critic…

  4. @Elly, thanks… Still tryin to get used to d site.

  5. This is great…nice writing

  6. @Ahmed, thanks man…
    @Iroegbu, reli encouraging…

  7. @4ran6, this is what i’m talking about…let it on bro

  8. I love this, quite unusual! Guess what I did, I tried to read the lines that rhyme, one after the other, as in:

    When power creates beasts,
    We’d be called to different feasts,
    And greed becomes creed…
    To dine for those death’s freed.

    It’s just me messing around…It’s an interesting poem.

  9. @Xikay, thanks… Glad u didn’t misunderstand my comments.
    @Falomo, u just deciphered it… The rhyme was the key, a guide through the path of understanding. Thanks!

  10. When power creates beasts,
    And greed becomes creed,…..
    owerful stuff bro.

    1. why do you particularly like this part @raymond…the word ‘BEAST’ was just too attractive for you abi?

  11. And shameless ‘we’ go still chop at the death feasts again……

    this is very good poetry.

    Well done!!!

  12. @Raymond, powerful reason to continue the learning process in the tutelage of u, thanks!
    @Opeyemi, thanks man… U know say na food b our problem na, we too like chop chop!

  13. Quite deep. Very nice. Enjoyed reading it.

  14. @Jaywriter, thanks… Plz come around soon for more. I’d look forward to reading criticisms of my works… Thanks again!

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