Aduke’s Soliloquy

Aduke’s Soliloquy

(For those who lost their loved ones during the biafran war )


Where am I

Where have I gone

I ask the vacuum

That vims ‘round me

And the three sets of footprints


To the dry mud

Just right outside,

Two of large shape

And one of slender size

All facing forward

But at a point


One, facing backwards

With knee and palm prints

At the point

Of aberration

I ask until my mouth


She is somnolent

And like me

Goes to bed

But me

In my sleep

Silence mocks me,

No please!

I beg of you

I don’t want epithets

Most of all

Those ones you say

In such

A euphemistic way,

I cry out,


Sleep has once again

Thrown me out of her bed

I still can’t sleep still

Only now

I lie prone

In the dark

Like my others

Shakingly sieving

My heart

To mould a new one

But the spring in my eyes

Is long dried

By the sun of reality

Where do I get water?

The well is far

And I am feeble

Only Ekene knows the way

But footprints don’t fetch water

And I know for certain

I dare not go

To the auburn playground of death

Where brothers gently argue

And later

Fling forward-facing frozen footprints

At doorsteps

As packages

Of euphoric mementoes

For people like me


To people like me.


10 thoughts on “Aduke’s Soliloquy” by stephen (@atchikichaka)

  1. Pity! So many suffering in the world, it’s better understood if we put ourselves in the shoes of those who feel it. Very emotive…and descriptive, I love it! The pain in the writer’s “voice” can be heard, NO DOUBT! Something minor though, the part that says “In such A euphemistic way” should be “an”. Lol, got it!? Also, I checked the word vim, and it says it’s a noun, but you used it as a verb. Alright, nothing more…yet.

  2. stephen (@atchikichaka)

    YES you are right ayo, ‘an’ should be the article for the adjective ‘euphemistic’ but when it comes to the word ‘vim’ the usage is totally right. there is one thing you guys should know: in poetry the only rule is that there are no rules. so if you keep checking on the use of grammer in poems then you have surely lost your way.i am not saying that we should write poems with awful grammer usage but, we should take not that some rules can be bent or folded when fully mastered. the vim is used exactly the way i want it. actually there is also a typo in the first line, the line should read ‘where are I’ and not where am i…why? figure it out!

  3. @stephen, this was quite touching…the impact of the war is still an open scar…well done. @ayokunle, you made a good point with the A but like Stephen said, it may be a case of poetic license

  4. stephen (@atchikichaka)

    good i think someone is finally talking poetry lol!

  5. Poetic License, eh? As long as you’re honest that that’s exactly what it is, and not just justifying those ‘errors’ (you do, I don’t) I really don’t have a problem. Like you said though, we make the rules, the rules don’t make us…which I agree…but it becomes complex when others don’t even understand the rules you’re working with, hence they don’t know what rules you’re breaking or not….Keep that in mind!

  6. @ayokunle, rules that blind the reader are not adding anything to a writer’s work

    1. My points exactly Sir….Seems we kinda do agree on a lot of things. But then again, I noticed @Stephen seems to get a kick out of readers ‘battling’ (if I may say) with that in his works…Stephen, pls correct me if I’m wrong. Then again, writers’ intentions do differ, so whatever rocks their boat…like I said, I really don’t have a problem with that…as long as the writer is honest with himself!

  7. stephen (@atchikichaka)

    @ ayo…i am oh! but i am! i write for me usually. toni morrison once said ‘never write because you want others to ‘understand’ what you have wriiten…write what you think is right for you to write, if they don’t get it some others will’ i think i am a partisan to that ( well to some extent)

    1. Hmm. Alright oh, I hear you.

  8. stephen (@atchikichaka)

    yes o! please hear me!

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