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    @ 12 saying no to something wrong takes a lot of courage.Gangs- not a topic that has been explored much. I liked the flow, was carried along. when the seniors target you- serious boarding school stuff; brought back some memories. I hope this gets to the teens and young people it will make an impact on.

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      Thanks Elly, I hope it makes sense to those reading. I wrote from the POV of a young child, but the truth is that bullying sometimes continues into adulthood.

  2. @myne, i’d say the greatest kinda courage as depicted by this story, is to be able to stick to what is write in the face of adversity…its really akind of bravery…i enjoyed the piece Myne…a few typos and the last sentence…???

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      thanks Xikay, glad you got the message. You mean what is ‘right’? Don’t mind me, I’ll check out for my own typos too, LOL…

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    Nice write…

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    Wow! This made a good read.

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    Who noticed the beautiful rhythm in which this story flowed…? This is the kind of writing I get crazy about… Carefully written, I guess!

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      Thanks Idoko. Yes I wrote this carefully, knowing that anyone could be reading. Still some typos escaped. :)

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    If I was doing a film on this, will focus mainly on the phrase or sentence during the moral lesson that changed the boy’s mind. Even though not explored, that was the best part of the story for me. Really enjoyed reading this.

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      You know Jay, in my mind that scene had greater prominence, and it wrote it like a paragraph or so. But I guess it got cut on the editing floor. :) Thanks for reading.

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    We are urged to always stand for what is right, even if we stand alone.
    Beautiful story Myne!

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      Thank you Scopeman, Ahmed and Write-fight

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    nice read, nice read. some typos, tense errors and omissions. @Myne and Idoko, it seems the strength of the message distracted everyone else i think i disagree with Idoko’s comment that it was ‘carefully written’.

  9. @neo-lite ans i disagree with you too….Y…even writers like Grisham have editors

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    @Xik, u don’t understand my perspective. i’ve read Myne’s work and i know some of these errors were made cos she (maybe)was in a rush to put down her thoughts. e.g. 2nd par line 2: “Sweat BREAK out on his upper lip and he wiped at it with a balled fist as he increased his pace”
    and same paragraph, line 6: “Paul had started the group in their secondary school as a study group, but since they all lived in TH University”
    I’m just reading thru the comments and i see that even Myne attested to this fact so maybe i shldn’t have even mentioned it.

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      I much appreciate your comments. I’m so ashamed of the “sweat break” OMG! I should do better than that. But like xikay said, I didn’t have my edtors go over this to polish my own self-editing.

  11. @neo-lite, you’re right, what i meant was that the typos r resilient viruses…, you do have a point sha

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    @xikay, i dont have a point, i have 1847 and you my guy, u dey sell am? u get what? 12 million? lol.

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    This is a nice piece myne. Good job.

  14. @neo-lite, sorry about that, if i hev not been donating points then i’d have that 12,000,000 you said…its just that i’m always online, its my job..online journalist so i use the time to NS just as u may FCBK

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    nice story. He was really brave. Usually, the bullied becomes a bully.Like some form of defense.

  16. Myne,thanks for the quote at the beginning of the story. That for me, was like the icing on top of a yummy cake. I hear confraternities now recruit in secondary schools. I guess this is how it all starts.

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      Confraternities now recruit in secondary school? Now that is really scary!

  17. i got too much into the story to notice any typos.

    This is very well written Myne.

    Well done!!!

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    Well-done. Good morals too.

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    Great story which shows that sometimes, bravery is not about beating one’s chest and shouting out loud. There is such a thing as quiet bravery, and it’s usually more difficult to show this form of bravery, especially when there’s nobody to write a long, lyrical poem about your exploits.

    Well done, Myne.

  20. For me it is the beautiful portrayal of the challenges of adolescence….innocence struggling against corruption, and the glimpse of a future great man in the making. Thanks Myne, for the beauty in the telling.

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    The story’s nice. I like the fact that the boy did not buckle under pressure.

    The typos made me smile. Nobody’s perfect after all.

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    thats more like it. Stick to what is right. It may hurt at first but you will be a happy person. Good job Myne!

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    an interesting read

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