What If God Lied

What If God Lied

(A State of Temporary Madness)

My heart sings in songs of doubts
Asking questions in gypsy tongues
In spinning turns do my thoughts sing
As i ask me questions that Heaven says i do not seek.

The day i was born, She came in Silken Drapes
An Elegant Night Protruding all the Stars
A Star had been born, as Wise Men rejoiced
Making Herod s fall and beckon to the Sun

In seeking sights Witches flew up to the Sky
Gazing at Stars to read my Destiny s style
The great has been born,
The Fulfillment of the Prophecy begun
Shall we then wait till dawn?
To kill all of the First Born.

Days kept calling on Days
As Nights danced on in smiles
Years on Mountains Run
And still my Sight had not begun

The Anointed ones kept speaking
And as i write these words, they still speak
My Faith is changing his name of waiting
As my fury rages to clip an Angels wing

For so long i have waited this night
The day they said i would save my Clan
How has the Mighty so fallen
Did i even rise up Mighty from the very first start?

His words can never be broken,
And so for how long does my life go bowling
On Treacherous grounds of UN- seen dances
Not singing my Victory Song
Or Clinging A- top my Whining Swords

Just questions keep Swimming through my Mind
Was i really the Prophecy of a set or deserted Site?
I long so much to see the day i would wipe all your tears
But what if God lied?
Then my Faith still would never have died.

Xto 2010

14 thoughts on “What If God Lied” by XTO (@XTO)

  1. Myne Whitman (@)

    I am not sure if this is a free style poem or a structured one. There are some 4-line verses, 5-lines and even 6 lines and the rhyming is also unbalanced. Maybe it would have been better not to separate into stanzas.

    While also, the description needs to be worked on, still the message of the poem stands out. Well done.

  2. Couldn’t quite get the message even though the poem was good.

  3. Ok, haven’t yet read the poem itself and I’m undeterred by the comments I’ve read. I had to say this first off though: your title is what caught my attention and sparked my curiosity as to what could have prompted the line of thought. But then I had to laugh when I read this, “(A State of Temporary Madness)”. Even if its just for the laugh, well done.

    1. Okay, am back. Read the poem this time and there pockets of it I didn’t understand. But since I get the larger portion, its safe to say that I did get it all. Right? lol

      Well done still, I do see Myne’s point about the inconsistency in the lines of each stanza. But we don’t know if its a pattern delibrately deployed or not.

  4. Abby thanks for your input. I know the poem could have been better, but it seems that most peeps don’t understand the full gist. the whole i idea wasn’t to follow in rhymes per say but to make it like a song that goes in a high and low mood. different rhythms tooo. it also depicts different phases of a worried mans life. right from a prophecy of greatness to the child before he was born, and how evil men tried to abort it, how he grew to a man with great expectations and how he felt like he had waited for too long and is almost loosing his belief in the prophecy. But at the end he still believes in God whether it all comes to pass or not.

    But thanks All!

    1. Did you really have to go into this detailed explanation of your poem? Remember sey our people dey talk sey dem no dey explain proverb o! Then again, maybe its the poet in me that made it easy for me to grasp its subject matter. Well done on that comparison with Christ’s situation. *winks*

  5. I enjoyed reading this. got confused along the way but was led back to the path by the star. Mel did the Passion of The Christ; this ought to be the Fears of The Christ. Mel brought this out in the scene of Gethsemane when the devil came to tempt him but you’ve made it seem like tho Christ’s Faith is undying there are STILL fears.
    Christ said (about the time when all will be revealed and it will truly be “finished”), “…noone knows when the time is, not even the Son but only the Father.” @XTO, could this SCRIPTURE be the source of your inspiration?

  6. i cant honestly say that i fully grasp the meaning of the poem but i did enjoy it though i kinda dont like the way the stanzas were unstructured as was noted by @myne….well done

  7. I get the message here… I ENJOYED THIS… All I can say is that patience is the only key that proves that God isn’t a liar..

  8. IDOKO you are just a guru. nice one. its all about patience and faith. along the line in life we get tempted to think that what God has said about our lives are just lies. but these are all ploys of the devil to make us think so. sometimes life makes us ask what if God lied? but he said i was going to be great, bla bla bla. but in all we come to a conclussion that he would and can never lie.all those tough times were just mere battles that were destined to go off with time and also test our Faith. even if he did, because we know who God is, our Faith still would not be shaken. the stanza stuff was deliberate. it has its on rhythm. not like the norm. you need to be an extraordinary to get it and see the true stanza within the stanzas. thanks all.

  9. i like the conclusion, ‘what if God lied? Then my faith would still never have died’

  10. hmmm… The explanations contained in several comments helped me to understand and appreciate this effort better. Then I ask, what happens when you won’t be there to explain your poem???

  11. @scopeman .well the real sense of poetry might not just be about people getting the message instantly. it could be also about putting your poetic mind to work so as to decipher what the poet was thinking before he wrote the poem, it could also come in forms of making you think it out yourself atleast if not all accurate, but somewhat in accuracy. so that was what this was about toooo. its not a story, but a deep poem, only for deep minds.

  12. Drunk poem!!!! I like, yet I think the flow is disjointed…or is it the arrangement?

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