Here, I wait, holding back my hands from touching Kourtney because she would not be touched.

I’d touched her yesterday like never before, fingering her every parts, thumbing away on her board till my fingers went numb.

Today, she sits in a corner on my bed, and would not be touched.

I wouldn’t hurt her if I could but yesterday, I’d used her like never before.

My strokes were harder but with such fluidity like one playing a classical piece on the keyboard – her keyboard.

I felt the firmness of her curves as she responded to my touch.

I chose my words carefully, stringing letters with my fingers, reaching notes never before imagined.

In the throes of orgasm -with words spilling in rhythmic procession,

she clutched my thumbs as the other 8 fingers stroked her back and muttered several random words but one stood out. ”

We’ve never done it together like this before”. And I replied, “She made me do it. Elinor made me do it”.

Kourtney went silent. I saw the red light blinking incessantly, indicating a flat battery.

I felt for Kourtney, my BB.

28 thoughts on “Used.” by Dammy Keke (@dammy2k2)

  1. @dammy nice romance with a BB, would’ve preferred to have a romance with the owner of the BB… I LIKED THIS, WELL DONE…kinda frivolous though

  2. O! Your Kourtney must really be sexy.Lol. Well written.

    1. Yeah she’s a cute looking Bold 2.Lol!

    1. Breathe out dear. It’s fiction. Lol! Thanks.

  3. LOL…funny poem and sensually written. I guess it is for those that have BBs?

    1. Yeah Myne, it is for those who use a BB, especially BB addicts. What I did is to give emotions to the BB since we spend much time on her but the irony is, we spend much time USING her to reach out to others. It must really hurt feeling used.

  4. @ Xikay: Yuck! That’s so gayish! Why do I always have to explain that I am a GUY?! Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

  5. @dammy,… really…the subject is a GUY?..damm..that dude must be a sissy or a dandy to idolise a lappie like that…i love my lappie but its kinda strange for a GUY and not a girl to fantasize over it…correction taken SIR DAMMY

  6. Thought it was two humans not human and machine. I don vex, lol.

    Good stuff though.

    1. Abeg no vex. Lol!

  7. Mr. Xikay. ‘gay’?

    Your opinions never stop to amaze me…not to mention amuse…

    Dammy…weLl done. I like the use of personification…

  8. Yes, very sensual piece with a high level of personification.

  9. Oh its a poem? I thought it was a really short story. I was about to send a message to admin asking if the minimum words required had being changed.

  10. very appealing with good suspense but i knew you’d play a trick in the end.

  11. i’d ram my skull into a wall…this is a poem?… WOW…and by the way, your GAY allusion is quite offensive Seun perhaps you’d do well to use a proper pix…

    1. xikay…if you noted the use of quotation and question marks it would be clear I wasn’t talking about your sexual orientation…you said the guy’s description of touching his phone as gayish…I was responding to that.
      And lol…what does my pic have to do with anything?

  12. sory i guess i was blinded by my anger…i was actually reffering to the writer DAMMY pardon me sire

  13. sory i guess i was blinded by my anger…i was actually referring to the writer DAMMY pardon me sire

    1. No o…its cool. No offense taken.

  14. Of which…I just realised that Dammy was the one who said ‘gayish’…you said please take the ‘gay’ out and put ‘dandy’ in its place.

  15. Great powers of description. U did very well with the personification.

  16. I ditto Raymond that you made good use of personification in your poem. I initially thought he was stroking a woman till I got to the bit about 8 fingers stroking her back lol. Like Anabella I though this was a short story, perhaps you could try spacing out your lines,writing on the next line instead of using commas. Good work mate.

  17. ….thumbing away at her board till my fingers went numb” made it clear he wasnt referring to a human because I don”t think that guys’ fingers ever go mumb when they finger ‘that place”. It’s a good one though.

  18. Not sure what to make of this but must hail the vivid imagery.

  19. …Hmm…entertaining and quite a picture you painted here with this writing!

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