The day I saw the world.

The day I saw the world.

On the day that I saw the world.

For the first time, frightening, I so feeble,

So wide and big and filled with people.

I, weeping for the loss of the cocoon that shielded,

They, rejoicing for the gain of a one so awaited.

The questions in mind as they hoisted me high,

A doctor, lawyer, writer or why!

Even a president, their dreams did fly.

In the twenty odd years that have come and gone,

And the sorrows and joys I have seen and borne,

In this, I remain thankful, most of all to You,

Lord most high, without you I’d be in a stew.

Even when I am in the wrong,

Your grace is there to keep me strong.

And my family, support of my existence.

Thank you so much for your love and persistence.

I frustrate you a lot. Yes I do.

But then, you’re all my favourite boos.

To my friends both near and far,

Know that you are always dear to my heart.

And though I may not call and text adlib,

I should hope we will meet in a better place anon.

With this I say happy birthday to me.

With hopes and prayers many more to see.

11 thoughts on “The day I saw the world.” by ouduehi (@ouduehi)

  1. Wow! Is today your birthday, or was that yesterday? How very nice of you to not remember just yourself on your own special day.
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

  2. @Scopeman It’s actually tomorrow but I submitted it a little early. Thanks for the wishes.

  3. That was quite clever of you. And loved the poem too. Really made lotta sense especially the beginning. Happy birthday and many more happy years ahead.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!

  5. Thanks a lot @Raymond.

  6. hmmm dont know what to say yet. i was trained to criticize a poem outside the poet. so i dont think i should care if its ur birth day or not the issue here is to analyze the poem so let me go read it a 2nd time. i will be back ***winks***

  7. Happy birthday to you… A nice prayer we have got here….

  8. lol @adams …
    @Idoko, thank you very much

  9. first happy birthday to you, nice lines, intermittent rhymes…the poem is a nice effort that could have been a whole lot better, you were trying to meet the date….it kinda dragged along the way….

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