The Baby

The Baby

See them, wretched fools that they be;

Her face like leftovers of a stinging bee

His, the image of Satan in his fits

As he glares at her cowing at his feet

Her bridless mouth rains acid that scald

His angry fists fly down again balled

She screams, he rants; lullabies of war

Both garbed in shreds of what they wore

What fools be this rabid two;

The drunken fist and the foul-mouth too

Where silence will make loud peace

And ‘Sorry’, a sweetly rendered piece

Are these not they that breathed hot

Last night in this same smoky hut

Did they not whisper and tangle arms

See now as they cross heavy arms

Here in this crib I wait to be fed

Led them war till their anger is bled

Since her mouth holds not its peace

And beer yet be his soul’s bliss


25 thoughts on “The Baby” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. This poem is a nice piece that tells the story of a couple who abuse each other with their words and blows. Check the word bridless again. I don’t know whether you mean bridleless or something. Again i think the ‘led’ towards the end should be ‘let’. Very meaningful poem , but from a baby’s perspective, one would expect more child-like views. well done

  2. Really strong poem
    I almost feel like I’m peeping into their home!
    Very vivid.
    Good poem!

  3. You are a bit innovative here with inventions…. Nice work, xikay…

  4. Now this is poetry xikay! I like the way you took me on a journey with very vivid imagery and tantalized me with a denouement where I got to meet thepoet personae.

    Well done!!!

  5. This is brilliant xikay, beautifully crafted. Well done bro!

  6. @nnena, thanks ma’am, BRIDLESS keeps the rhythm unlike bridleless and both are not correct english usage…if SOYINKA can create words, so can I especially if it passes the meaning[you knew i was talking about BRIDLE..]
    i used an intelligent baby because i assume that babies see and know a lot since they cant talk, why do they cry when people fight?
    @naija-mum,thanks a million..
    @idoko, i remain loyal to the pen
    @wealth, good…just like you
    @lawal, i thank you with all humility
    @scopeman60, thank you sir, i appreciate.

  7. I AM COMING TO BRAIN-NAP U!!! Kai…This is good. No, scratch that. THIS IS GREAT!!! I never knew babies could be poets too…Hehehe.

  8. Xikay, i ditto nnena, i feel u with the forming of words tho; i feel if u had used an apostrophe u woulda shined some (neo)lite on yr use of literary license i.e. BRID’LESS like shakespear (and rappers nowadays)do when they want to say every but say/write E’ERY. nice one.

  9. @raymond, as long as you dont come with your friend RAKMUN, i am waiting to hypnotize you with rhymes…lol thanks
    @neo-lite, thanks, your suggestion is very tenable… respect.

  10. Wow!Wow!!wow!!
    this is so brilliant and creative !
    welldone sir!

  11. @posh, thanks a lot. glad you enjoyed it…hope you wont quarrel with your husband in front of your BABY

  12. @Xijay, now I know a good poetry when I know one: This is one. Full of the sense of imagery. Good one. Keep it up!

  13. @Xijay, Oops my bad. “When I see one”, I meant to say.

  14. @jeff, coming from you, i’d say, i doff my hat…thanks bro

  15. The BABY is talking. Aren’t they fools indeed!!! Well, he called them that, not me. lol. Nice poem. Very descriptive, I love it.

  16. Good one. Loved the fact that you told it from the point of view of the baby. Think the message’s also a very good and important one. Think you’re more talented than most people on NS think including Jaywriter.

  17. @ayokunle, thanks bro. they must be fools so cuddle at night and battle at noon…
    @jaywriter, thanks…that’s very cute of you, just trying

    1. Yep indeed. Battling when the BABY is wide awake to witness the events, and the consequences surrounding it… —> Her face like leftovers of a stinging bee!

  18. @ayokunle, you can imagine!thanks.

  19. Very creative piece. And vivid too, i could almost see them going at themselves.

    1. i do hope that that scene will not occur in any of our homes… its sad that it happens with alarming increase nowadays…and children, not just babies are having their minds warped in the process.

  20. @lade, thanks bro…crazy abi?…just make sure it dont happen to you

  21. Strong and powerful words!

    1. thanks a lot. hope you keep the message

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