Smirks Of A Rapist

Smirks Of A Rapist

He is known for his eye-catching big head. He proclaims it is filled with wooing lyrics and intellectualism… He calls himself ‘Sexy Johnson’, and claims to have a collection of accolades from many of his sexual encounters.

‘What are these accolades?’ some of Johnson’s acquaintances always ask.

‘Female underwear..!’ Johnson always screams with a smirk that seemed to draw a massive pile of jealousy from some male students.

He walks with his left shoulder high and his right foot almost feeling the weight of his entire body. His outfits are normally tight jeans, a jacket over any color of t-shirt, and a polo-cap.

The week which will remain a historical root on campus, captures Johnson Ekong among a group of seven male students chatting. The chat seems heavy even while a serious lecture was going on a few yards away.

‘Forget that girl you are calling a virgin, I used a pack of condom on her,’ Johnson says.

The one among them who is in love with the lady in question gets apparently delved with perplexity. Johnson is satisfied with the effect of his lies, and had to bounce away giving an excuse, ‘Men, I have a lecture to catch.’

While he is walking along a walkway, his eyes are searching for beautiful female faces, big milk propellers over female chests and appetizing female bums. He feels pride air around him when he noticed some stares of females on him from afar. Another air hits from scorns of some males beside the path that led to his class.

Suddenly he embraces a change of heart about going to his class. He is already late for lectures and will go looking for Fat Bimbo. He finds her in the Biology Laboratory. He thanks his stars she was free. He seats beside her.

‘Johnson, how now?’ she asks.

‘Am I not looking as fine as your sexy nature?’ he replies.

‘Johnson, stop being naughty…’

He claims he has come to take her to the campus’ most exotic restaurant. She is excited. She follows him. He makes sure they pass through the most conspicuous walkway of the university.

She wants to know if he won a jackpot. He says he is more blessed than a jackpot victor. He suddenly claims he isn’t with his wallet convincing her to follow him to the male hostel so he could get it. It is during the hours of intense lectures when students were hardly spotted in the hostels. Fat Bimbo underestimates her suspicions. Just two minutes after they enter the room, Johnson’s clasps over her lips nearly dragged in suffocation. How his thin body acquired strength in lifting her off to the mattress on the floor, she cannot tell. He is fast getting her skirt out of the way. He is fast in tearing off her underwear. He sags his jeans a little but doesn’t have to pull off any of his clothing except his polo-cap. He sinks into her easily and in the process, he is muttering the name, ‘Miss U.A’. He mistakes her soft cries for moans. She gets a little aggressive. But the lashes of his left palms against her face tore like razor. He is through in no time, zipping himself up.

‘You will never have her,’ Bimbo whispers as she tidied up herself.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘You want Miss U.A, abi?’ she asks, trying not to sound tearful.

He cannot believe that she heard his mutters.

She does not insist they go out to eat again. And he does not persuade her. He is seeing her off while plotting in thoughts on how to broadcast the news about the escapade.

Back in his room, he checks for his new accolade. It is still there in tatters.

‘The shameless girl didn’t even request for her lost accolade,’ he says aloud. He leaves the mattress in its distorted state so his roommates could see. He lock up the windows so the scent of sex would not escape.

When his roommates return, his smile was waiting…. He starts by saying, ‘Guess what guys?’ Then he goes on…. ‘There is nothing in all these big bottoms you guys trip for on campus….’

He goes on to show off his accolade…. He spells Fat Bimbo’s full name, and soon the exploded laughter is inviting neighboring students… He smiles, and says, ‘She seduced me!’

In as much as most of the listening male students laugh, not all believed. This leads to an argument. ‘Look at your massive head! Look at your face like a monkey… Which girl go gree you? Stop spoiling ladies’ names with your lies,’ a student warns.

‘How can I lie over having sex? I always have it to the fullest… I have dealt with many of the girls you see around… It isn’t looks that girls are after… I’m more agile than three hefty men put together…’

Johnson wins the case of argument deep into the evening when Fat Bimbo resurfaced causing Johnson’s enemies to burn in their hearts.

Johnson cannot hide his surprise. He does not let her seat in the room quietened by her arrival. He leads her out claiming he was on his way out… While they are both walking out of the male hostel, all sorts of thoughts spanked him. It is unlike him not to have pride as horns by walking beside a lady.

‘The fact that you raped me doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it…’ she says as they stepped onto the walkway.

He feels relief, and fresh desires for her are flushing into him.

‘I want you again, Johnson,’ she moans.

He develops the same rapist’s smirk he had earlier while defying her. His eyes search through a bush that was a distance away. His eyes search through a nearby football field flouted by security lights. He says, ‘Since my roommates are back, why don’t we look for a space in one of the class toilets?’

She nods her head in a girlish refusal… ‘I have somewhere… My room in the female hostel… I’m the only one in for now…’

This time the desires that flush through his body are windy. He follows her right into a plot of angry female students. The door is closed behind him. He prays to wake up from sleep if at all he was dreaming.

‘So this is the rapist?’ the one popularly called Miss U.A asks.

Every female in the room is equipped with canes.

He falls on his knees begging. It is Fat Bimbo who first lashes him with a cane she got from one of the angry ladies. The rest of the ladies starts lashing Johnson severely only to be interrupted after some minutes by two of the scariest ladies on campus who had to force their way into the room. Keke and Julie are feared for being the only females to belong to a cult in which only males sailed.

Johnson is sweating profusely and his eyes are flooded with tears.

‘This is the rapist, eh…’ Keke says looking at him. She is skinny and tall. She looks strong and boyish. It is rumored that males including cult colleagues run away from her when she was on ‘heat’. She is known for being open about her lesbianism traits.

Her colleague, Julie, is the fattest lady seen around on campus… She looks quite bizarre. Only few men will desire for her kind in stealth. She isn’t secretive about her sexual desires for men at all. Even Johnson who loves fatties had rejections right there within the drops of his tears.

‘Let us handle him….’ Julie screams. ‘Oya, everybody out..!’

The rest of the girls pour out. Few of the canes are left behind.

Johnson’s agony hits the entire campus that night. The group of angry ladies, whose plans were just about flogging, remain outside the door listening to the sounds of torments. Miss U.A even pleads with Fat Bimbo to appeal for Johnson. Bimbo will not. Johnson’s screams attract the hostel porters but nothing could be done. A rapist is just being thought a lesson.

He is soon thrown out of the female hostel. He vomits blood while limping off. His sights are filled with horrors of two naked ladies with canes. The blow of the skinny girl against his neck has made his breathing a hard job. He feel cracks within his ribs. He begins to run like a madman not giving a damn about the increasing population of onlookers around. He is not running from the gathering of students, but from something strange he couldn’t figure out. He is without his polo-cap. He is without his foot-wears. His shoulders are flat. He stops. He looks around. He unzips his jeans not mindful of the watchers. He tries to piss by the side of the walkway. He pisses blood in deep pains. Onlookers cannot laugh at his screams for the sake of bewilderment.

Johnson will never be seen after the incidence. He drops out of school with just two years to finish. His belongings are tossed into the porter’s store of the male hostel months after his absence. In more semesters to come, there will always be lots of ‘Johnsons’.

21 thoughts on “Smirks Of A Rapist” by Idoko (@julemyles)

  1. Fiction! fiction …yes, but you have plotted it well. It serves him right but again students should know there are insane persons on campus masquerading as students, this Johnson is sure one of such. Nice piece bro.

    1. I’m glad you liked it, @writefight…

  2. its a very nice story, nice plot and well developed but i must confess @idoko, your tense turned this fine garden of lush flowers into a bed of limp plants…you struggled over the present continuous like a heavy load…

    1. @Xikay, I hail you… You really have a writer’s lens

  3. Hahahahahaha. Nice story. A bit heavy in some parts, but all in all, very nice.

  4. @raymond, why the hahahah abi u swallow bone?

  5. Will join @wealth in lolling. Good one.

    1. @Wealth and @Jaywriter… I am loving the lols… cheers

  6. hmmm… Is it just me Idoko or have ur recent posts not been about University escapades and mishaps, hm? Is there something we should know, or you really miss the feeling, lol…
    Well done Bro.

    1. @Scopeman, so glad you dropped by… I think I’m trying to force out the many stories that tried to escape my fingers while I was in school… lol…

  7. @Idoko…reading through this story was kind of hard because of your inability to sustain tenses.You did a better job at that in your other story,’wet dreams of a wife’.

    You have this habit of using words out of their original context..accolades for examples means an expression of praise.I don’t think that a gathering of torn panties could be tagged a sign of praise.I think the word you should be looking at is souvenir.

    …question gets apparently delved with perplexity.
    the use of the word delve here is can’t get delved WITH something.You delve INTO something…

    There are several other examples but i’m sure you get the point.You write really well and your stories have beautiful messages embedded in them.If you take the time to watch your tenses and contextual use of words,you’ll go a very long way…cheers

    1. I have noted all that has been said and will have to do a rework… But talking of the accolades… I think it is best to leave it that way cos it is what Johnson calls it… He sees his illicit madness as something great!

  8. @estrella, i said so too but there is no denying that @idoko is a VERY good writer

    1. @Xikay, thanks for making my head swell…

  9. no need to, your reputation n antecedents precede u!

  10. Idoko, I echo Estrella here. After reading and enjoying the straightforward simplicity of narrative in ‘The Wet Dreams of a Wife’, it was a disappointment to return to the contrived figures of speech in this story, which I last saw in ‘Gay Cry’.

    For example, you had:

    …big milk propellers over female chests…

    Did you just mean to simply say ‘breasts’?

    (By the way, I am now going to have a hard time looking at a woman’s breasts without thinking of milk being propelled out, thanks to you.)


    Suddenly he embraces a change of heart about going to his class

    Why the drama of ’embracing change’ over such a small thing? Why not ‘Suddenly, he changed his mind about going to his class’?

    But figures of speech aside, the story was funny, especially the ending, and the way you described some of Johnson’s female assailants.

  11. thanks, Tola, for your great review… I will surely put things right.

  12. Bros, lots of people know me for my big head too fa. Haba, u no try for my type o. Nice work here sha

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