Red Day

Red Day

The colour of the day was red. Red is also the colour for tragedies-and of blood spilt all over the bathroom floor. How fitting. St. Valentine’s day-love’s day and tragedy, and folly all rolled in one.
The day started like any other, Joké called me because she woke up first-our game. Her wonderfully husky voice warmed me and I wished she was around, not at some seminar in Abuja. I cannot wait to wed her.
It was a Saturday-there was no time limit to meet and no rush hour traffic to beat. I rolled my cover around me and eased into the softness of the bed; fantasizing about a tuxedo, a wedding dress , a diamond ring and the wedding march when there was a knock on my door. I squirmed in exasperation, and didn’t reply. The knock came again.
“Lanre! What is it?” All hope of just a short while to dream of my wedding was lost.
I swung out of bed, switched off the airconditioner and opened the windows. The sunlight hit my face when I parted the curtains-warm, bright and cheery. Then I walked across the room and opened the door.
“Lanre, I was enjoying myself thinking about-
“Sade cheated on me.” He sagged against the doorframe.
I was struck dumb. Sade cheated on Lanre? That was next to impossible. Everyone said they were just perfect for each other; she seemed so into him. No. I could not believe it. I would not believe it. It was a rumour to cause just this.
“I saw her…”
That changed everything. He saw her.
“Come in,” I stepped aside.
He slumped onto the bed, moaning softly. His face was expressionless, his eyes devoid of the usual infectious cheerfulness. He curled his huge frame, hugging his legs. I didn’t know what to say, his wedding was just a month away!
“I won’t cry,” he muttered,” but why? I loved her. I gave her everything. What more did she need that she couldn’t get from me? Oh, Sade! Sade! I should have seen the signs. But there were no signs? Were there?”
My flatmate looked up at me for an answer.
Eyes red with anger and pain; with anguish in his voice, he told his tale. It was at a colleague’s birthday in Apete the day before; he heard the sound of Sade’s car. He went outside to see her, wondering why she was there. He saw her locked in an amorous embrace with a guy, and hid as they went up to another apartment. After thirty minutes he went to the apartment; the door was open-
“…her clothes were all over the sitting room floor-,” he had this distant look in his eyes, “-and I walked towards the noises. They were doing it in the bathroom and didn’t notice me for a while-
He stopped mid-sentence and stood up.
“I can’t talk about it anymore.” He left for his room.
I guessed he wanted to be alone, and I was too distraught to go back to bed. So I drove around town in my car. Valentine was really happening. All the major supermarkets had big signs splashed with red advertising Valentine. People were streaming in and out of the marts. Love is a golden goose.
When I got back home, the bathroom was locked-unusual. I called out and Lanre did not answer. Puzzled, I looked under the door. Panicking, I forced the door open. It was too late. Lanre’s corpse was on the bathroom floor; blood from his slashed wrists everywhere-a dark red. Foolish. Tragic. I shed tears.

9 thoughts on “Red Day” by Shope (@fisayoawi)

  1. So Lanre killed himself. Damn! That’s just the height of ambitious misfortune or ignorance, or both. Well, like they say in Benin, “who no go no know”.
    You better call Joké, find about the ‘seminar’, one can’t be too sure these days, lol…

  2. Why now…? Most Val stories on NS This year has connections to death… Nice one.

  3. You kinda gave away the ending at the beginning. It made the story a little flat. But maybe you intended it that day. The fact that the guy killed himself didn’t quite work for me. Enjoyed reading it though. You told it well too. Keep it up.

  4. Thanks @ y’all. @ Jaywriter I never say it that way, but come to think of it, you’re right.

  5. touche! well done…loved it,…the beginning was sloppy for me but you redeemed the story well with the telling…as for the suicide, very possible…

    nobody asked you where the dialogues were…i saw them but there was no identifying quote marks and commas…???

  6. I enjoyed the telling, especially how the MC interjected in Lanre’s sad tale. The ending did feel a bit rushed – I feel that something as significant as a suicide should have been spun out a bit.

  7. I didn’t enjoy this. Twas too flat and lot of typos.
    Nice one, is not easy to write, but please don’t rush your work. The plot was radiating from past to present, and i could hear voices than that of the mc. Who was telling the story? Description was edgy and kinda awkward. Conversation was blurry and ur flashbacks were dull. No offence meant but….
    Gracias. I’ll be watching to see an improved work of yours.
    Gracias et habili.

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