Making It Work

Making It Work

It’s just me and my shadow again
Playing the game of hide and seek
Things that I should have been rained
The avoidance came to boil

All that we love we pretend
Seeing the mysteries of life bothers
Who can stand and wear no pretense?
Truth falters waiting for banners

Trying to avoid our factual shadows
Even the stars outshine darkness
Love and character can’t be shallow
The world will notice even a torch

Where can we run and hide?
Here is who we are tailing
Acceptance and admitting must lead
There’s no running or hiding with us

Life goes on with the living
We make hey now or never
Many things will come reigning
But knowing the road counts

All we are is living for success
What we determine always comes
The future lies in actions progress
Though thinking may need be procured

Making it work is humans living
Life will call all to the booth
We are nothing but factual standing
For everything works through knowledge

Go in your might is the word
All things comes to pass through work
Though the world may throw sword
Living focus brings true dreams


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4 thoughts on “Making It Work” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. beautiful work from the Treasured1, well done!

  2. Good poems as usual. Noticed ‘hey’ instead of ‘hay’.

  3. Beautiful.
    As always.

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