Love as I know it..

Love as I know it..

As I lay in bed thinking about him, wondering and wishing, it suddenly hit me. That day is upon me once again. In my twenty something even years (odd seems like such a negative term to use and yes….I no go tell una my age. A girl gets keep somethings private na :P), I am yet to experience that giddy worldly feeling of the celebration. I lay in bed trying to remember how the day was spent in the past years, I even had to bb a friend to ask her about what we did last year and we couldn’t remember anything. All we knew was that ‘it was quite uneventful’. But one year’s remains very clear and vivid in my memory, 2008 Feb 14th.

I remembered that some weeks before that day, I had spoken with a friend and we had talked about giving back to the society as we had received in abundance from God. He made me realize how selfish and self absorbed I had been and I wanted to do something to appreciate God and also impact positively in someone else’s’ life. So I decided to volunteer at this compassionate home for disabled children.

My job was to assist another volunteer, who was also disabled, in teaching the children arts and craft. It was an amazing experience. Having these children look up to me like a big sister, seeking my approval for everything they did, wanting to impress me, was so humbling. I felt selfish once again because I was so happy being around them, even though they sometimes would drive me nuts with their questions and attention seeking..’aunty do you like my own?’, ‘aunty can I use this colour?’, ‘aunty, is my own fine?’, ‘aunty this, aunty that!’…… Aaargh… was awesome. The experience was phenomenal.

AnywAy, it happened that valentine day fell on one of my volunteer days, so I planned to hang with the kids as my ‘date’ was far away. I got cakes and biscuits with juice, thinking we’d have a mini party but by the time I got there, the kids were having a ball. Some families had gifted them with food items, toys, cooked food, drinks, snacks and my tiny cake felt insignificant. I was disappointed and thought I should have stayed home but my disappointment was short lived cos as these children saw me, they left all they were doing and came to me. Both the limping and the crawling, all came to me screaming ‘aunty!, aunty!’. My joy was boundless. I hugged them close, fighting tears and thinking how happy these children were irrespective of their disability. How normal they looked even though some were crawling on their bellies. And I remembered to thank God for His mercies in my life, for His goodness and grace. For his gift of good health and physical ability. But most of all for his gift of Love. I realized that I loved those children like they were my siblings….in fact, they made up my private little family.

So us volunteers and visitors, sat and watched these kids play football and move around the compound and it was amazing how normal everything seemed. Even with one leg or none at all, they were as competitive and determined as your average child to score that goal. And the dancing when they did, oooh, that was something to watch.

As I lay in bed remembering all this, I realized that this was the reason for the celebration. Not an excuse for boys and girls to indulge in fornication or acquire new things, but a day to spread love to everyone around us. A day to give to those who are more in need than we are. A day to share our time with people whose lives would be impacted positively as ours would.
And then I think to myself, ‘oya, were you wan spend this valentine?’…… I will be in class that day or at work trying to code and decode stuff…..{hisssssss}.. But I have promised myself to spread more cheer, smile and show forth the Love of God to everyone I come in contact with.
Ehen, before I forget ehn….my door is open to receive cakes and chocolates, so you can all, you know.. spread the love reach my side on that day …una hear :D

With Valentine Love…Dee

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  1. awwwwwwWwwwwwWwwwwwWwwwwwW gurl..
    We wuff you too!
    Em…where do we send…on Second thoughts…ne’er mind.

    1. thanks seun…. ah, i mind o..send the …Its not late if thats what you are thinking

      1. No o…I was actually thinking of thinking of what I was thinking you were thinking of…but then I got to thinking of thinking off the meter so whatever it was you were thinking of would not off-think our thinking process.
        What do you think…of?

        1. My goodness…abeg start again, in no

          1. Well…I was simply referring to the thoughts I thought you had thought about…because you sounded so thoughtful…and I thoughtfully admired your thoughtfulness because I thought it was obvious you didn’t have time for vain thoughts.

        2. @seun..What???
          i think i need my glasses to read your reply….
          opps..i don’t have one!!

  2. so sad that this NICE piece came a little belatedly…val is over…next yr u’ll get ur cake ok…nice one…BUT…u got some issues o!

    1. aaah wetin i do now o… :P

  3. i go tell you when we meet for that place *winks*

    1. iya…which place again xikay???

  4. awwww..thats so sweet of you diva,thats just the true meaning of val,showing and sharing your love to others,impacting them positively.
    sowwy.. too late,may be next year…then you remind us like a week before the day(not a week after)
    nice work.

    1. aaah @posh..thanks o but i posted this 7 days before valamtime o but you know how NS takes forever to approve stories na….

      1. then may be fourteen days ahead then…lol

  5. I can feel the heart in this…Nice.
    Hehehehe @bb a friend; is that what U ppl call it these days?
    And by Aaaaaaaargh…awesome, I think U meant Aaaaaaaahhhh, awesome. The other one is to show pain or disgust etc.
    Nice one.

    1. i actually meant aaaargh, was annoying yet i enjoyed every minute. Thanks for ur comment anyway

  6. I loved this. Had a similar experience teaching some kids last year in one of those village schools (where white shirts are dust-brown and bare-footed students are very visible) when I went to see my grandmother who was a teacher there. It was surprising how much they enjoyed having me around. Really love this piece. Nice to know we got people with good hearts on NS. Holla me or rather NS me when next you’re planning another trip. Might just tag along, lol. Keep it up.

    1. Sure @jaywriter ;),thanks for the comment..

  7. What you did is really great… I wish I had been in your shoes… But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t call my lover that day and say ‘I love you!’ lol…

  8. is this a fiction or nonfiction? cos i m loving it so much. sorry i like analysing the characters and even the narrator of any work of act as unconnected to the author and i think that is ideal
    i love ur narrative style – the character/narrator interacts with the reader directly with use of the words “you and your”, which points at the reader as in: “Even with one leg or none at all, they were as competitive and determined as your average child to score that goal.”
    however, i observe one error in:
    “So us volunteers and visitors, sat and watched these kids play football…”
    it is improper to use the objective case “us” in the place of the subject of the sentence. it should have read: “So we volunteers and visitors, sat and watched these kids play football….” with “we” as the subject propelling the actions “sat’ and “watched”
    besides this, i am in love with the story and its accompanying lesson
    keep it up!

    1. after reading this, i felt like i just got off a project review with my professor.. :) thanks for the comments and corrections.. I aprci8

  9. @diva-divine, now @adams has taken you to the issues i talked about…WELL DONE

    1. hmmmmm…thanks…

  10. hmmm… In all, I hope u had a great Valentine’s day?

    1. well, this valentine is one i want completely obliterated from my memory…call chinese restraunt to order food and them hang up on me saying i never ready to order becos i ask them wetin de menu..on top the kain hunger wey been de nack me…hissssss

  11. This is brilliant.

  12. this left me misty eyed…..that’s all i can say.

    Well done!!!

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