Liquid Blue- Part IV- Letters to Nkechi

Liquid Blue- Part IV- Letters to Nkechi

“Dear Nkechi,

It’s hard to believe it has almost been six months since I last saw you. Your mom gave me your address. How is London treating you? Congratulations on your position, you are doing well with yourself!

I have some good news to share myself. Paul proposed. I know it seems so fast but it feels right for the both of us. We are so in love. Girl you should see the size of that ring!

I will always be thankful to you for bringing him when you came to see me at the hospital. Paul told me recently that you asked him as a favor to keep going to see me because you were living. That was really sweet of you. I know we have not always been close but you have a special place in my heart now, don’t you forget it.

Can you believe everything that happened? It’s kind of hard for me, that was so unusual. And the accident? The doctor said I could have died, I was really close. He can’t figure out how I was able to recover so fast. Praise the Lord!

Paul was so nice. He was so patient during my recovery. We spoke a lot when I couldn’t walk. He came every day. I know it might be difficult for you because you dated him and I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I feel like I met my soulmate, we have so much in common. Do you know that he speaks three languages like me?

OK I won’t bore you with the details. We will get married in Abuja next year. We are not sure about the date yet but watch out for the invitation. It will be in the mail as soon as our mothers agree. It might take another few days! The theme color will be pink and of course you will be one of the bridesmaids. You know you can’t refuse.

I’m so excited. I have to go now, I have so much to do.

With Love always,


“Dear Chichi,

It’s been two months that you have been gone now and I have not heard from you. Just because you live the high life in London doesn’t mean you have to forget your best friend, does it? What happened to Skype and the promise you made to stay in touch? Pray tell, they don’t have working phones in your area? I have been trying to call you but it is always busy.

Even your mom is complaining. Then again, she does that either way, she hasn’t changed a bit, trust me. By the way, there is a letter from your grandma enclosed. I know it’s weird. Your mom said she found it when she was going through your father’s things. Since I was sending you a care package, she gave it to me.

You grandma probably gave it to your dad before she passed and he never got a chance to give it to you. I miss them both. God bless their souls.

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that one of my stories got accepted for publication! I’m so happy! I wish you were here to share this with me. I miss you Chichi. I miss the times we used to spend together. I have to come to visit soon.

Something else I meant to tell you. I met somebody, he’s a painter. You will love him, he’s such a nice guy and he’s gorgeous! I can’t wait for the two of you to meet.

I’ll call you soon and we’ll chat about all this. Right now I need to run to the post office.

Love you to pieces.

Miss you.



“My Dear Sweet Child,

I am about to meet our Lord Savior and I want to tell you about a dream I had before I do.

When I was a little girl, my mother took me to see this very old lady. She was one of the people who are a link between us and the invisible. She had visions and dreams and could foresee the future.

When she looked at me, she said, “Child, you will find something beautiful and glowing in your life. Do not pick it up or touch it for it is evil. It is to test you and may not be destroyed. If you take it, it will bring you what you secretly desire but in return it will harm those around you who are in the way of those desires. Also your daughter or the daughter of your son if you don’t have a daughter will be tested the same way.”

I was so young I didn’t understand what she was saying. I thought she was crazy. When I was about twenty years old, I found a blue pebble once on my way to the market and I picked it up. It was so beautiful and soft. I kept it for years until one day it was gone.

I had forgotten everything about it until two days ago when I had a dream about my meeting with the old woman. Then all my good luck and the bad luck of the ones surrounding me came back to me and I finally understood what I did. My neighbor drowned, my coworker killed herself. Everything that had seemed so random was all my fault.

Child,I have been praying day and night for God to forgive me and my actions and for him to protect you.

I love you so much. Do not pick up anything you find, my sweet child. I want you to be safe. Forgive an old woman for I didn’t know what I was doing when I did it.

We often are tested in life and some us fail the test. You will not with the grace of God. I will give this letter to your daddy to give to you. Keep it always as a reminder of your fate and my love for you.

Your Grandma who loves you dearly.”

26 thoughts on “Liquid Blue- Part IV- Letters to Nkechi” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. Okay. I understand what you are trying to do but somehow the letters don’t work for me. I feel its a creative attempt at tying loose ends but its like an anti climax. Who’s reading the letters?
    That’s just me.

    1. Seun, Nkechi is reading the letters.

      1. Yeah…i know that.

        I would have loved to see her reaction to all these news-es…

        It’s your story. I like it.

  2. this was supposed to be a redemption right?…nice attempt…the first letter worked for me..the others?..well…its still a nice one well done…i’d like you to work on the story again…THANKS FOR SHARING..

    1. Xikay,I appreciate the credit you are giving me but I’m not sure I can write more on this story.I understand it may not have been to everybody’s expectations.It’s my first long story and I believe I may be more comfortable with short ones or poems. I have never been to Naija and I am lacking all the details for credible descriptions.It was a challenge for me and I didn’t quite pull it off but it was fun to try.

  3. I kind of ditto Seun somewhat. While Ur effort is commendable, U didn’t quite pull it off here…Then, after reading that Nkechi was jealous of Nneka, how did they become best friends?
    Some loopholes in Ur story. Gotta plug them up…

    1. Nneka had a near death experience and that can change somebody’s perspective in life.I agree with you that the story may lack some substance.

  4. These letters work for me oh. Unknowingly, jef writes like an avid film fan. Maybe you know, maybe you don’t. But you wrote a series of scenes where there’s a voice over reading the letters or possibly each person’s voice reading their letters while we see Paul and Nkechi taking a walk or travelling to Abuja or something. The next scene will probably be Nneka kissing with Painter inside the painter’s studio, perhaps a few paintings of a female holding or picking a glowing stone. I don’t know if that’s the kinda picture you try to create, but each time your stories feel like ‘prose screenplays’. Hope the rambling no confuse you. Trust me, tu es belle auteur.

  5. merci beaucoup Jay for the compliment.I did think about a movie but more about the last screen when they have some text kind of giving the story some closure.I guess you’re right, I do love movies…

  6. If you go with the text thing, then the audience’ll probably get bored because the letters are too long. But if there’re visuals, showing their new life, the audience will probably not get bored because they’ll be trying to get hold of two things at the same time. If you recall, most films you’ve seen that end with the text kinda of thing usually have just a few lines of text.

  7. all the same, the story was good enough to be appreciated…the fact that we are here making comments shows that we all saw something in it and thats the spark that we want you to turn into a flame….WELL DONE

  8. hmmm… The intention of this piece is obvious and that means u r a responsive writter, concerned about how others perceive ur work.
    Still, the letters didn’t quite plug the holes, it even raised more questions.
    However, this is a brilliant effort at writing a naija story, even though it was void of naija depictions, except with the names.

    So u r not Nigerian???

  9. Scope, thanks a lot for the compliment.I love NS and I love writing which is the reason why I’m here but I think I will have to keep my efforts to reading what others write and writing poetry from now on.I did try but it is really hard to speak about something I don’t know and it doesn’t make for complete stories either. It’s pretty much like having a blind man describe the beauty of flowers.I am not from Naija and I have never been there.I am French and I live in Miami….

    1. Are U serious about this?

      1. Raymond,what do you mean?

        1. I was asking if U were serious about being French.

          1. I am totally serious.I was born and raised in Paris.

            1. Aaaah…No longer Anglo-Francais; U r Naija-Fraincais, eh? Hehehe.

    2. Jefsaraurmax,

      You say:

      I love NS and I love writing which is the reason why I’m here but I think I will have to keep my efforts to reading what others write and writing poetry from now on.

      I hope it’s not the comments that people are making here that have made you take this decision? I thought the story needed some work, but trust me – it was not so horrible that it should make you give up writing!

      You say it’s best to write about what you know. But you do have a French perspective on Nigerian life – it would be interesting to see a story that explores such a theme (without it being too autobiographical, if that’s not what you want)…

  10. …we need to hear about FRanCe and mIaMI…lol

  11. xikay,this would have to be on a site called France stories..;0)

    1. Nobody asked you to leave writing o…why would you want to do that? You haven’t been torn apart…you haven’t had your story called ‘garbage’…’incomprehensible rot’ and some other colourful words…don’t think it!

      You would be doing yourself…and the rest of those waiting for your fireworks a serious disservice.

      1. Seun,Fireworks, really? thank you for the credit! I wrote this story as a challenge because I don’t usually write stories or at least I have not written one in a long time.I write mostly poetry.The story which has been inside me for years and that I hope to write in its entirety one day has nothing to do with Naija.It is a story based in Miami because I live in Miami and I can describe the city,the people and the seasons..etc.It’s really hard for me to write about characters and things I don’t know because I need to have experienced somehow or have seen or felt something before i can write about it.I can write about the fire of the Poincianas in the city because I have seen its beauty every june since I’ve been here.I can speak about what hurricane season is because I was there when hurricanes hit and I know the misery they brought.I can’t do that about Naija because I have never been there and I don’t have much time to research as I work full time and I have 4 kids.As I said before,I love this site and I am not going anywhere but I will probably be mostly reading as my writing is limited.

        1. Then, write about the Fires of the Poicianas then. Write about the Hurricanes. Write about life as U know it, and how it has impacted upon U, as well as Ur knowledge of 9ja and what U previously heard, things U feel, etc.

          Just write. Sometimes, it is all that is needed…

          1. Homeboy…you too on point.

            That’s my own creed at times too. I just pick up the pen and scribble. That’s it.

            Follow your heart dear. It can hardly ever mislead you.

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