Life & Relationship

Life & Relationship

Relationship is the relief of life
For the journey is short and long
Making friends trays full light
But who understands friendships power?

What you know is not just all
Who you know makes easy call
The future lies in making courtship
But not all understands a wise relationship

Life is just relationship to the core
For far above men weighs lines
It’s all about friendship to explore
Yet, which is the truth ties

Life and relationship are brothers
Like the shell of tortoise; one
Friendship is a game in banners
But it hold sway some brothers

5 thoughts on “Life & Relationship” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. I agree with you only to some extent on this one Treasured1.

    You keep posting these poems, but u’ve not been around to respond to comments and all, wats up???

  2. Nice one… Very thoughtful of your pen…

  3. Think he posted these poems long ago and has not really had time to respond. He’s a very busy man, a very busy man. Think he’ll respond with time. He was quite active last year, very active. He was a foroomer too. Good as always, treasured1. Loved your take on relationship. Keep writing.

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