It’s Never Late

It’s Never Late

If I am set for the world again
Told to come and meet people
First to you my thanks will rain
And to many more I would topple

For I was down and bound
You came raising and freeing me
I was up and really around
You showed me the way to see

If I am set for the world again
Told to come and meet someone special
To you my all will be plain
Though others too I’ll be cordial

For I was poor until you came
You showed me the world so free
I give my thanks to your flame
As the entire world cannot fathom
Your love and kindness truly blossom

Life goes on with life
The beginning states the facts
It’s good staying in the light
Life will ask more of all

You are never too old to start
That dream stays until actualized
You are here for your part
Though mistakes may have been

Another chance opens up today
What concerns the weather here?
What you do knows not what may
Our acts are replayed tomorrow

It’s not the age or the time
The world awaits new things
It’s never late in the prime
As the future awaits your record


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5 thoughts on “It’s Never Late” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. Another beautiful one here Treasured1, well done!

  2. Nice one U got here boss.

  3. Consistency and a messaage everytime; the hallmarks of a good writer.

    Well done!!!

  4. @treasured1 well done sire, i love these gemstones especially the 2nd one..KUDOS

  5. Another brilliant one.
    And another.

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