Innocent Emotions

Innocent Emotions

We met on a dry, dusty and windy January afternoon; the gleam of sunshine piercing through the windowpane could shatter glass impenitently.

The first time I laid my eyes on you everything stood still for a moment and the intense look in your eyes spoke silent words too difficult to decipher at the time; ever.

Enclosed between us was love that knew no bounds.

When I held your palm in mine, they fit wholly in each other’s like a customised glove.

The velvety feel of your skin always felt like touching a soft ball of wool, your scent distinct but quite akin to lavender.

In less than no time, I discovered we were so alike just like two sides of a pod, a shell or crust; acquaintances attested to this fact and emphasised it.

I was your ‘Ti-Ti’ and you were my ‘Ne-ne’,

I remember how you used to accompany me about the especially when you were hungry.

I miss you Ti-Ti, it has been almost three years since I last saw your innocent chubby face and I cannot wait to see you soon…

14 thoughts on “Innocent Emotions” by Mariaah Ali (@mariaah)

  1. @mariaah, well done..the tags poetry and short story do fit…i like the POEM/STORY…this seems to be a writing from real emotions…well done…

  2. …I enjoyed this submission.
    Nene and Titi…lols

  3. Loved the simple nature of the piece. The message was also good. But kinda wonder if they were kids then or teens or adults. Must say your bio impressed me more though, for some reason. Keep writing. Enjoyed reading this.

  4. I ditto Jay. Nice piece though.

  5. Nice piece here… I think this should have gone for either poetry or short story… Left for me I would have categorized this as poetry… I got my reasons… Thanks Mariaah for sharing… I loved it!

  6. yea i ditto idoko, this sounds so poetic with the imageries and other literary expressions that adorn it.
    well done!

  7. This is a good effort, as noted earlier. However, I think the last-but-one paragraph has something missing in it.

  8. I think what makes this piece readable is the simplicity embedded in it.The title is quite apt by the way….nothing like coming home to the people and memories you left behind.
    I hope it all meets your expectations….

  9. Thanks guys so much for the kind comments, I really appreciate..

    Scopeman, I get what you mean. The last line is just there, I guess that was where my ink dried up? Lol..

  10. Nice cute short story; poetry masquerading as prose. But, well done and keep it up.

  11. @xikay I will remember that next time.
    @ARUKAINO thks for the compliment and encouragement..

  12. Maybe I’m misreading this, but I read it as a proetry which spoke of the love that a mother had for her child. Whatever the case, it reads beautifully. Well done, Mariaah.

  13. Thanks Tola, that was what I was going for. You interpreted it well enough.

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