In Your Love I’ll Never Drowse

In Your Love I’ll Never Drowse

When you move your electric legs,

Men do mope at your terrific steps,

Making me give magnetic pecks,

Which then create frenetic yells.

When our eyes do linger in locks,

Your sweet smiles do glitter with love,

From that heart which shimmer with hope,

And my heart just shivers with throbs.

Your soft skin is udala brown,

Your full breasts are super crowns,

With those hips I’ll never frown,

In your love I’ll never drowse.

25 thoughts on “In Your Love I’ll Never Drowse” by jeff unaegbu (@jeffunaegbu)

  1. You go fear imagery nah! ..her breasts like super crowns? Soft skin is udala brown? Oga,you too try…this poem is short,sweet and beautiful! keep it up…

    1. Sorry ladies and gentlemen for coming in late to reply to your sumptous remarks! Wow!
      @Estrella, you make me wanna do a poem on you! Yeah, like super crowns…!

  2. you did well….loved these lines:

    Your full breasts are super crowns,

    With those hips I’ll never frown,

    In your love I’ll never drowse.

    1. Thanks, Xijay. Those lines got me thinking and looking back myself. For I wrote the poem in 2002 when I was still efervescent with the ambrosia of post-adolescence.

  3. How can you ever drowse? beautiful

    1. Nna men, I need never drowze. In fact I should be drooling. The thing get as im be.

  4. Hmmm… I think it’s a fine piece Jeff, well done.

    1. Thanks Scopeman. Just a poetic throw of a fish hook upon the waters of love. You laugh.

  5. Wonderful and picturesque…

    1. Thanks, Ahmed, for those two powerful words above.

  6. One word, beautiful!

    I loved the last lines..

    1. Thanks, Myne. You know what? YOU ROCK!

  7. very nice, really!

    1. Thanks, colotrends.

  8. Enjoyed reading oh. The hips could have been better oh. Good one.

    1. Really Jaywriter. With those hips of hers I’ll never frown in those days. It is quite reflective now for me that the subject of this poem is now a married lady. I was in my early twenties (2002) when the poem tumbled out.

  9. CHOI!!!!! Her hips no dey lie at all!!!!! I don dey picture the girl already sef!!!
    Nice poem bro. If U use this one toast babe eh, both she and her friend go fall!!!!

    1. Raymond, the man!! If both her and her friend fall for me, I go just pick race come rewrite the poem with her name in every line. Her friend go clear road sharp sharp. You rock!!!

  10. Now this is very good poetry Jeff. This is imagery at its utmost best. its good to know you do poetry this good too, just like your prose.

    well done!!!

    1. @Lawal, I actually started with prose, then ran away to poetry and stayed with poetry for a very long time until the poems littered my hostel room in those days. Thanks for appreciating, man.

  11. same story here Jeff, but now, prose has ‘killed’ my poetry again.

    1. @Lawal, wetin man go do? We will all continue to write until writing write us. Lol.

  12. i just came to see the storm this poem has caused here
    @jeff are you telling us that you were a bad boy in your early 20s cos thios looks like a confession? na just question o!

    1. @Xijay, Hmm. This one na exam question oh!
      Those were the Post-Tupac Shakur days. When people walk with big baggy jeans belted at the hips, leaving a show of boxers for all to see. And walking in a rolling and leaping style with the hand made as if you have an invisible microphone, ready for action. There was also the likelihood of a rolling tongue and a fez cap with the front turned backwards or a thick beanie hat and wild tattoos with heavy boots for the boyz or platform shoes for galz. I just took my pen and went about observing. At times I am pulled to make a participant observation in a wild play especially by some naughty girls, but I come off it almost immediately and continued taking notes. Bad? Maybe in writing down my observations. Bad practically? Of course who wants to say they stole a yam? OK, b-a-d in tasting fruits? Em…em…there is a little network problem here now. I think I am out of service….

  13. @jeff, i was just kidding. dont mind naughty me… that was the period i was in the university so i know the feel too. well done.

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