I Want It All

I Want It All

Two is company
three is one too many
for three is a crowd
where one wears a shroud

what kind of love is this
so bereft of bliss
for you share with two
that which for only one will do

“you love me” says you
How then can you love him too
shall we be three
like the stones for cooking be
Like a tripod
bound by a single cord

I want it all
you heart body and soul
i’ll share it with none
for the fun
of love is undone
unless two not three becomes one

16 thoughts on “I Want It All” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. I want it all
    you heart body and soul
    …I think there should be a punctuation somewhere in this verse. Good poem, i read it earlier on your blog.

  2. Fine piece xikay, and ur use of pictures enhances the feel. Well done.

  3. Think it’s ‘your’ not ‘you’. Nice poem.

  4. @writefight and @jaywriter, you are both partially right…it should have read:..you: body, heart and soul…THANKS
    @scopeman, thank you

  5. Agree with you 100%. If i cannot have it all, then i won’t take any part of you at all.

  6. @lade, i wonder o! but everyday i see relationships where the cake is shared

    1. Maybe the cake is big enough to pass around…..lol.

  7. I like this. The use of pictures is also innovative. There’s no denying it that U r a very good poet.

  8. i think i will have read it over and over again. the pictures make a clear demonstration of the mental ideal

  9. @raymond, thank you sire
    @adams…thanks sir, i’m glad you liked it

  10. Interesting, enjoyed reading it. I started the poem thinking the narrator or MC was a female, but then realized it’s a HIM, or wait, unless of course the partner of the female Main Character was having an affair with a dude, who knows?

  11. I like that this is a well articulated piece.

    Well done!!!

  12. @ayokunke, its a male?
    [“you love me” says you
    How then can you love him too]

    @lawal, thanks bro.

  13. Xikay…
    Nice poem.

  14. I loved reading your poem. I always read poetry out aloud and I wanted to let you know that this would make a sweet spoken word piece. Way to go!

  15. @seun-odukoya, thanks
    @yejide…really? will u mind reading it to me sometime?..lol

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