I’m simple, I crush

I’m simple, I crush

Minutes tickled,

I watched with joy

Our conversation, the first

I could not understand

Not the first, but a first.

Where is my thought?

My crush! My fault? Not sure,

I nursed my doubt,

Class differentiation

Was my burden

But I could not be burdened,

Her words

I understood. I saw familiarity,

déjà vu became reality. What for, I thought?

I am not femme.

Hoping to be back in air soon, I shrugged out,

Leaving as a kid, whose company is not needed, now!

But now

I feel unconditioned

Our new found talk is ‘YOU’!

Her smile like manna, Manner I need

Her Manna I want.

Need or want me not,

I am happy for u, me and another “puhka”. Then,

Am I happy? Happy where I am? Please

Tell me, tell me before I begin to convulse on my words

What I know not about then. And

Who? No, what? Maybe why,

Rather, who what why is shucks?

8 thoughts on “I’m simple, I crush” by bard (@seun)

  1. Does this say you had a crush on an older lady? I’m not quite clear what the message is. Reads like a fine piece though.

  2. Nice but unclear.

  3. DITTO, nice as a poem and i aliked it a lot but its still kinda hazy…kinda looks like a love triangle situation???

  4. DITTO, nice as a poem and i liked it a lot but its still kinda hazy…kinda looks like a love triangle situation???

  5. Yep. Me too, twasn’t that clear. But i enjoyed it.

  6. @seun !! It’s not really fair o! You left us high and dry…
    The poem reads nice but doesn’t really give a clear air. Now, it is the right of the poet to be obscure and all but we ask that if you can, unravel a bit of this mystery.
    You write well. Where have you gone to? Do come back, please and let’s get to enjoy the thrill of your writings every once in a while. That would sure make a lot of us smile :)
    Wherever you are, take care, be good. Best wishes man!

  7. So intricately written it got me in knots.

    I like the twistedness of the situation, the rambling of the thoughts of the MC…
    But then you also got me confused when it seemed to trail off

  8. Thank you all. and I apologize for my absence. i appreciate the comments and i must the meaning of the poem, lies in the mind of the reader. the trail off is maybe intentional, cos it expresses the persona’s state of being… thanks and cheers

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