Girls In Skirts

Girls In Skirts

Girls in skirts that open the way,

Walk past us in a wily way,

Try all we can to look away,

What goes around,

Sure comes around…

Great nude legs on platform shoes,

Pampered trunks in skimpy hugs,

Woven hair of green? Brown? Blue?

Provocative laps…

Colourizing lips…

Terrific fingers browse around,

Seductive laughter coos aloud,

Electric fragrance spreads about,

Magnetic breasts…

Hypnotic hips…

Cool hot heads in expensive airs,

Great coy moves to pummel the way,

Star-snubbing nails poking won heads,

Artificial frowns…

Superficial tears…

Soft slippery baits in feverish grasps,

Strange fickle minds slipping from grabs,

Full catwalks eliciting gasps,

Tantalizing tongues…

Petrifying pecks…

Full luscious lips which kiss wiz kids,

Long oily nails which trace chained cheeks,

Strong lustful eyes on weak gawping freaks,

Titillating toes…

Mesmerizing tones…

Big buttocks in parting rags,

Bolstered breasts in slipping bras,

Nude navels in flashy cars,

Infuriating gums…

Calculative smacks…

Try all we can to look away,

Only end up with eyes at bay,

Just help us God to keep at bay,

Romantic eyes!

Suggestive smiles!!

Eni Njoku Hall, Nsukka, 2002

26 thoughts on “Girls In Skirts” by jeff unaegbu (@jeffunaegbu)

  1. Kai! In other words women are deliberately seductive abi? We do have much more on our minds than snagging some poor mindless bugger when we dress to kill oh! Sometimes we get dressed simply because it makes us feel good and not because we want your brains turning to mush! lol

    I’ve read a couple of your works now and i can confidently say you have a very firm grasp of imagery.The way you string the words together to create pictures…awesome! I have a weakness for imagery so its something i notice right off.
    you just described almost all kinds of girls in this poem…great work Jeff

    1. Hahahahaha! Estrella. I am just trying to pull your legs. One of my published books has a title about women. Guess? “The Secret Principles of Female Powers”! The book is causing some wahala in the University of Nigeria Nsukka campus where I work. In fact a girl once walked up to me with the intend of giving me some verbal bashing, but I remembered the rule of taming the wild horse in “The 48 Laws of Power” and when she said “I hate you and your books!”. I pretended not to hear and instead said, “You are looking so beautiful today that the clouds are dancing. Wow! I am going to write a lovely poem on you right now. Follow me” Of course, I had kept her in suspense and suspicion. She kept coming back to my office to note whether I have done the poem on her! “I hate you” actually became or was intended to be “I love you!”. You women rock!

  2. @Jeff…’the secret principles of female powers? Now that is one book i would love to read.I’m sure it will set me off quite nicely! lol

    So did you eventually write the poem for the wild horse? Because if you don’t you may have a demon on your case next..hehehehe..

    1. @Estrella, I watched Xena, the beautiful warrior princess, mounting a stallion that no one else could in TV and winning it over and I figured me taming a beautiful girl that no other guy could because they think she is so impossible to win over or ‘be mounted’ especially because they’ve tried and gotten their bones broken in the process. The poem on taming a wild horse will be posted soon. But my lady, I will not see you or any other nice lady as a horse, that will be rough and gentlemanly on my side. The term horse is reserved for those who think they cannot be mounted. So no demon or do you mean ‘daemon’.

      1. @Estrella, my bad. I meant ‘ungentlemanly’ for ‘gentlemanly’ in my reply above.

        1. @Estrella, on you again, You can easily get a copy of “The Secret Principles” in bookshops within Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt or through shipping directly from me. Within Nigeria is only a thousand Naira (inclusive of shipping cost).

  3. @Jeffunaegbu, well, all I can say is: “Jeff darling, sweetheart… I PITY YOU!!” Alongside Sir Idoko, you are the next provocateur of the human female species. Simply put, we women are a necessary evil, right? Could you say the same thing for all things that are feminine in nature, hm? Little wonder you concur with most of the things Sir Idoko displayed in his poems on women. I could just see you now, beating your chest about that achievement of penning down a book on women. Well, this makes you understand women more, I believe. But then, my dear… hmm…

    I say no more!

    1. @Emmanuella, my queen, my sweetheart. The irrepressible princess in the house. DON’T PITY ME, LOVE ME, hmm? Knowing you, I know this poem will draw you to make a sound comment. And that is the whole fun of it or else this house will be quite quiet. I know there is more to women than meets the eye so even when I finished that book, I saw that it brought me even more revelations on women because it made women begin to test me almost every day. I need not recount my experiences all of which I call “post-secret principles experiences’. But I must say this for you all. Whether good or bad, fair or foul, YOU ALL ROCK. And if I were a woman, I am sure I will be as irrepressibly configured as you are! Thanks for tickling me now.

      1. @Emmanuella, aha, ‘can I say that for all things feminine’? I think NO and NOT all women are a necessary evil. At least not many men will say that their mothers or sisters are so. Even when they are so! I think it is a judgment that is bound to be SUBJECTIVE. and I think also that when a man loves a woman, he will not see her so nor would suffer any one else to see her so. Other things that are feminine may not have the same grace that women have. Meanwhile I think the force that created the physical strength in men was transmuted into deep wisdom in women, the power then became subtle and soft in women, to make the two sexes even or equal without their knowing it.

  4. Hmmm… I need to register my voice here… Jeff, I can only say that this is great… It’s the truth from a man’s heart…

    1. @Idoko, Thanks. I only wanted to stir the hornet’s nest. And did I get stung? Hahahaha.

  5. This is very apt! Need I say more?
    Very good work!!!

    1. @Raymond, very apt sheh? I had to get a shield to cover myself from the arrows that I know was coming. Lol.

  6. Jeff, this poems reminds me of what I’ve always thought, but found no answer to. Is it that men cannot see women and look away? A lady is smiling at her friend about her maths exam, and the man looking on thinks, “suggestive smiles”. Hmmm…

    1. @Myne. Hahahahahahahaha. It is funny. Now men are just responding to their past experiences. See House Rule 4 of the ladies in “The Secret Principles of Female Powers”. It states, “If a man we adore does not look us in the eyes or anywhere near us, we do not greet him even if we are dying to do so. Look us in the eye. Your look will make us melt at the knees. We fear and love the eyes as much as we fear and love the sound of a manly voice in our ears. We would surely do something resembling salutation unless we do not want you or we want to get back at you for being a snob before then. This behaviour is part of the mating dance.”
      So dear Myne, I think most men are just being responsive and manly, you know. There may still be some others who gawk without thinking and fall into a gutter or do something funny. They are in the minority anyway. You laugh. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    2. @ Myne: I think women easily forget that men are visual creatures.A man sees something and his senses comes to a red alert instantly.Women are more of emotional feelers, thet need to be told things, like my good friend here King Koboko would say, like cooing in their ears to get things going.

      1. @Lawal, I almost though I was the one talking here. Good one na!

  7. Nice portrayal of what it means for a lady to have caught one’s eye. Nice rhymes too. Loved “Full luscious lips which kiss wiz kids” especially. Was it intentional, the internal rhyming? Lips, Which, Kiss, Wiz, Kids? Brilliant.

    @Myne, Men are not pretenders you know, we appreciate stuff we see, and acknowledge it. It’s difficult to look away sometimes, not when “Electric fragrance spreads around”, and who would look away from “magnetic breasts”? Anyways, I’m just kidding. It’s innate, I guess.

    1. @Ayokunle, very spicy comment. Thanks.
      And yes oh! Who would look away from “magnetic breasts”? Even if him be pastor. He will instinctively look then remove his eyes and make a silent prayer, if subconsciously, to filter the conscience. Just kidding too, anyways.

  8. One quick question Jeff, is this piece only valid for ‘girls in skirts’? How about those ‘not in skirts’, hm?
    Don’t take the question too seriously o, it came to my mind, and I decided to ask it.

    Good poem though, I’m guessing the ladies must love you very much; or maybe it’s the other way around. lol…

  9. @jeff, apt and in tune is my verdict…dare i say it got kinda tasking halfway down..

  10. Jeff,
    The beauty of this poem resides in its nakedness, or should I say your ability to capture vividly and surrealistically the dark secrets lurking in the minds of men towards their opposite folks. Bravo!

  11. I have to concur wth Johnson.This is indeed a naked poem.I like that it has a true voice behind it.

    Well done!!!

  12. Apt! Keep it flowing Jeff! So much exposure here and there…even those who want to be conservative cant but say “wetin man go do?”

  13. this is as great as the fairer sex are powerful, drawing men like magnets effective at their poles…………………………

  14. s'am (@samenyuch)

    oh yea i know them :lol: :D

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