‘Twas time our teeth be
sealed with bogus lips, frozen
from the frost of tears.
Except for a form of
mourning, they were to
remain captives, the thirty
two of them
or less.
From aloft, we all seemed
black ants, clustering for
But our reasons for
gathering was bitter. As
bitter as the shreiking voice
of the
The tiring voice of the
organ, as bitter as the sound
of the hymns sung,
As the thoughts it bore so
Assuredly a melodious tune it
was, but our feets refused
to dance. ‘stead, more
watered the soil, dust of
grief arose, containing airs’
‘Twas the last of the gigantic
rectangle, slowly immersing,
the grounds imbibing,
scorching sands with
withered hands, bodies
swaying, more intriguing than
martial arts,
honouring its lasts.

13 thoughts on “Funeral” by colotrends (@colotrends)

  1. @colotrends, you did a WOW job with this…to describe MOURNING/FUNERAL in such a descriptively lively manner is extra-commendable.
    i cant even select any favorite lines…all are fantastic especially with the (ENJAMBMENT/RUN-ON)

  2. Thanks baba- owanbe!

  3. @colotrends..this kinda paints the picture of how the families of the victims of the Jos crises must have felt when they were burying their dead.

    bitter as the shrieking voice
    of the
    The tiring voice of the
    organ, as bitter as the sound
    of the hymns sung,….

    I love the way you show how music is viewed through the mind of a grieving person…you did a great job

  4. @colotrends, i dey loyal o! me?? BABA! no no no! FACT IS: your write-up was very cool

  5. Estrella thanks a great deal… you are so nice!

    Thanks a lot brainypoet’ lol!

  6. I think I would have enjoyed this more, if it was a bit slower and didn’t end quite abruptly.
    Good job still.

  7. wait scopeman, how did this end abruptly? I think you enjoyed it so much you didn’t want it to end! lol’z..

  8. Where are all those Niegrian Publishers? Can’t they see what is going on here in NS? Kai…
    Bros, this is good. Three thumbs up!!!
    (P.S., I borrow the last thumb, so when U finish with am, just e-mail me the thing abeg. Hehehe…)

  9. Good one. Will ditto @scopeman on the pace.But still enjoyed it though.

  10. Thanks Ray, i’m flattered.

    Thanks Jay…

  11. This is good colortrends. I loved the voice you used here, and how a part kinda represented the whole…..

    well done!!!

  12. @colotrends, i came here to lick the plate again and i say, this was worth the read and re-read

  13. merci beaucoup! c’est gentil!

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