First Words

First Words

I will think about it
That was from the beauty
But my heart could not feet
Yet I doused it in dignity

We lug on along
And time passed by
Sticking without answers for long
The heart tills in love ties

Ages gone by
Where lies the answer
I love you; too shy
It sounds a teaser

It had been known in harts
The game of love is tit-for-tat
It’s friendship, companionship to love
And a world of oneness to resolve

7 thoughts on “First Words” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. Could be expanded and i didnt really get the message.Hart? I guess heart.

  2. @treasured1, i like this poem REALLY WELL but i dont seem to like the change in your unique style….and as @writefight has noted HART? that is an animal

  3. I guess that was a typo, and I agree this was so short it affected the message.

  4. A relationship turns a lot jonsy. Good one.

  5. I only understood the poem after I read jay’s comments…and read again. Typos aside…nice.

  6. hmmm…the game of love is tit-for-tat. Well done.

  7. Cool piece, but didn’t really pas the message…

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