Evil Child

Evil Child

I walk pass minding my business
and a child smeared with mud
and dust is disrespecting me with
a rain of harassment and insults.

The child picks stones to aim at me;
his odors pour at me through the
breeze. I lose my temper and rip off
a branch of a tree. I lash him leaving
a mark on his left leg.

The child’s cry is a nauseating picture;
The mucus from his nose looks gorier
than his tears. The Child’s father looks
at me with disdain, and my conscience drums.

I take up the child and give him comfort
over my laps while I am seated under an
airy tree that inspire stories. I sing the
child a lullaby but his cry will not stop; I
start a story and gradually it seems his ears
were in alignment to the tune of my lips

The child is quiet, but seems living in my
story. I search into his eyes and see horror;
I go with my tale paying no heed to
whatever his mind cooked. I do finish
my story when I realize his urine soaking
into my pants.

I dump the child; I pull off my pants and
lament; I feel polluted, and contaminated
with regrets. A neighbor looks at me with
pity, and at the child, with scorn. What can
I do? Nothing…

24 thoughts on “Evil Child” by Idoko (@julemyles)

  1. Na you evil pass na…why you chook head for dark coven?

    1. Kai… Seun, which dark coven now? I will love to hear your personal interpretation ooh… Thanks

  2. yeah this is nice…i guess the child laughed last and best…very easy and smooth read this was…i sensed a hidden deeper meaning but couldnt point my finger to it…WELL DONE..coming back

    1. Still waiting for you unveiling powers, xikay…

  3. Very strong sense of smell, sight and feel, making for a realistic tale. Well done!

    1. Oga Jeff, thanks o… It feels so good to hear from you…

  4. Well done Idoks.

    1. Raymond,

  5. Quite nice and simple. But it ministered much more to me. Enjoyed reading it.

    1. Jaywriter, I’m glad you enjoyed it…

  6. what can a man say? i enjoyed the “story” too. but i am surprised that the category is poetry. after reading this i asked myself: what differentiates a short story from a poem? does a piece of tales become poem when grouped in lines and verses?
    i still cant picture the elements of poetry in this maybe i would have to read it again and again. or am i being too prescriptive? sir idoko theres no beef on my mind but i would want to be enlightened the more. let me go back to the work ones more….

    1. @adams, if you think this is just a story, please wear your poetic lenses to take a look at it again… You could as well research on prosaic poems…


  7. @adams, for one, this is poetry because it has lines and stanzas…without rhymes, it has enjambments…it drips of imageries…its dramatic…if i were to perform this poem you will not be able to move away until i finish…pls read MENDING WALLS by Robert FROST….http://writing.upenn.edu/~afilreis/88/frost-mending.html

  8. yea i am liking this. this is what i expect from an intellectual blog site. i want to be tought things that seem to confuse me. i have to back to the “poem” ones more. prosaic u said? i definitly will make the research. @xikay i think i like u and ur works that i ve read but i dont think any of them is like this but lets say its styles issue. as for mending walls i love that poem.
    i guess u didnt notice that “mending walls” is arranged in “iambic pentameter” ten syllables in each line. i would also want u to understand that “mending walls” Robert Frost concentrated more on the metrical arrangement with which he defile syntactic rules to achieve a near perfect poetic form. the most interesting thing about mending walls to me is the rhythm achieved with extensive use of alteration, stress and repetition.
    @xikay u made mention of imageries in the “poem” please point them out i cant see one.
    point of note about me here is that i am not on naija stories to praise anybody like wise me i dont expect praise for my works from ppl cos if i dont think they are good i wouldn’t post them. tell me what u think is wrong about my work insofar as its objective i would take it and improve.
    as for this work i am still not convinced that it is poetry. no beefs please
    love y’all

  9. @adams, if you say this is not poetry, fine… it’s your view… I am basically a novelist… I would not call this piece a short story either… Perhaps you could invent a name… I’m an experimental person… If you are looking for imagery and cannot embrace ‘mucus being gory’ as an example, you can read my earlier works of poetry… Thanks for your stands… I appreciate…

  10. I embrace the simplicity of this piece with much smiles.
    I also choose to stay away from the argument whether this is prose or poetry.

    Well done bro!

  11. @Scopeman, I salute… You 4 yan now… Every yan educates here…

  12. @idoko i am realy humbled by ur statement: “if you say this is not poetry, fine… it’s your view”. this is exactly what i would want people to understand; that what a critic say is just his view and he is not the final arbiter. moreover i feel so impressed when u say: “I’m an experimental person” cos creativity is all about experimenting.
    keep it up!

  13. While talk is going on if this is poetry or prose, i am cracking my head to unveil the meaning and hitting a brickwall every time.

    Can you help here Idoko?

  14. @Lawal, this writing came out of a vision… I have had problems getting the interpretation, and that’s why I have pasted it here so that wise men like you can give me a meaning…

  15. This is my honest opinion about this piece.
    As a poem,its interpretation can be varied.Here is a man whose compassion for a little boy exceeds his need to be respected hence his detour from his initial destination in the first place.

    Is the child evil because he hurled a slew of insults at you or because he peed all over you?
    I don’t get the impression that he urinated deliberately though;it seems the tale you spun was one that instilled so much terror in him that it was the only way to react to it.

    As a vision however,this is the way i would interpret it.
    You carry the potential to mold minds and change destinies with stories you carry inside of you.
    This was a chance for you to mold this the mind of this impertinent boy who obviously had no role model in his life and the story you spun or the words you spoke into his life may have probably marred him.

    Be careful about what you say to whom and how you say it…simple!

    1. @Estrella, you are extremly terrific… Your gifts spun around interpretations too! Thanks, you just became a Joseph in my life…

    2. Estrella…I always knew it. You are an ethereal being.

      I can’t fault that interpretation…it is apt and on point.

      Well done.

  16. I agree with Estrella’s interpretation.

    And its a lot deeper too. I looked at it again and I see…misunderstanding.

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