EPITAPH, THEIR EPITAPH: A Monody to Failures

EPITAPH, THEIR EPITAPH: A Monody to Failures

Here lie a mass of men-

Casualties of realities,

Celebrities of phantasmagoria,

Bodies without persons.

The sea of melancholia

Had been navigated time and again

By their pessimistic confusion

In their quest for coherence.

Ahoy! There their skeletons lie,

Eyeing the dreams they never touched.

Dark royal robes under gloomy sails

Thrashing tears on the back of laughter.

And here lie a mass of men,

Bowing to the deities of doom;

Holding unto danse macabre,

Dancing to death’s drums.

Why lie they here?

And under such gloomy sails?

Why, they never heeded the waves

Of the ocean of sagacity.

Which had warned time and time again,

“Beware the ides of foolery”,

Blindfolded, they had advanced

With hubris and braggadocio

To the precipice of reckoning,

From which they had crashed

Like the great Atlas of the Titans

To despondency down below.

Alas, time had elapsed

For their redemption and salvation.

For death, the king of skeletons

Had covered his robes over them.

Thus here they lie,

And lie here they would always

Mourning and gnashing their teeth

Half-humus, half-humans.

Friend, here lie a mass of men

And lie here they would always

From eternity to eternity,

Friend, be not proud.

(Nsukka, 2004)

20 thoughts on “EPITAPH, THEIR EPITAPH: A Monody to Failures” by jeff unaegbu (@jeffunaegbu)

  1. This one really touches the core of reality. I like the tightness of the diction and images used here. It grips the reader by presenting the stark reality of our being in a most forceful , yet artistic way. Very well done

    1. Thank you Nnenna for the warm feisty remarks. You rock!

  2. Jeff,I have known you for purple prose,now you have shown me that you can do purple poetry too. I’ll have to come back to drop my thoughts on this.

    1. @Isaac, Hahahahaha, man! I deliberately posted this to see what you’ll make of it. Purple seem to be one of my favourite colours.

  3. Great work Jeff!

    1. Thank you so much, Scopeman!!

  4. Jeff, well donem sir, but ya big grammar…hmmm

    1. @Xijay, I am sorry for the big grammer once again. I JUST couldn’t help it back then in 2004. 2011 is a far cry way. We hope to grow simpler.
      Thank you so much.

  5. I’m back jeff, and with my dictionary by my side, I get the pictue you were trying to paint here.I must say you painted it quite well.message rings loud and clear, he who has ears, let him hear.

    Well done!!!

    1. @Lawal. Someone came now and took my dictionary oh! Are you sure it is not the one by your side? You laugh!
      Thanks for the big big big ups!

  6. Beware, 9ja. A REVOLUTION IS COMING!!! And it is starting here in NS. We have the Soyinkas, the Adicjies, the S.K.s etc…
    One word: POWERFUL!!!

    1. This is Raymond speaking from the Revolutionary microphone to y’all out there! Together, we will get there. As the title of one of my stories says, “Every Flower Pure will Bloom”!

  7. Think the big words worked well. Enjoyed the poem. Good message and flow as well. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Jay. But, honestly, the poem took me days to birth oh!

  8. @Xijay, the man. Raymond really made me jump up with that!

  9. Funny thing is, i think the big words actually made this poem.

    1. @Lade. thanks, friends like you also helped to make the poem!

  10. yeah, the BIG, BUZZING and BLAST tongue words…

    1. Oh yeah, Xikay. Those are the BBB words.

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