Do I Care

Do I Care

I bereaved myself of today
The days of me alone walking
Isolation separates my days
For none I found seeking but me

Here is a question for the toughing
How on earth can vision become?
Can all men think for nothing?
Do I really care to bemoan?

I understand my plight for now
Thoughts probing the daily intake
The intakes of learning truthfully somehow
I wish I can say I care

Many hearts are dying out there
The hope of the future is slaying
Many eyes seeks the hearty care
But life is give and take here!

Many things the heart bears plain
In building a house foundation is called
In making progress man must be sane
For life comes through true facts

Man make plan, plan makes man
As life goes so are facts
Character is called upon for humans
As success is nothing but happiness

O the understanding of being factual!
It holds business to real supremacy
O the knowledge of being mutual!
Many things will call failing plans

Research calls on all humans today
As truth says time is now
Though fools asks what may
The wise knows the end somehow


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7 thoughts on “Do I Care” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. another beautiful piece Treasured1, well done!

  2. Just wondering now how long it took to write these poems. Good poems again.

  3. @jaywriter, my thoughts exactly…i had Asa’s questions playing on my lappie as i read these poems, the poems are touching…well done @treasured1

  4. I love the two poems. They raise questions in my mind and make me face up to some things about myself. Not nice things, but needed things.
    Thanks for this, treasured1.

  5. I think U wrote these poems a long time ago, and r just releasing them one by one, or two-by-two (hehehe). Doesn’t matter, cos they r superb.

  6. @raymond, na you sabi!…of course, they’re superb

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