Conspiracy Of Silence

Conspiracy Of Silence

He walks up to you

Desolation painted on his face

As he tries to smile,

Hunger hugging at

His paunchy stomach,

His raiment in tatters,

Believing his squeegee

And soap can

Will squeeze a few Naira notes

Out of you.


You cringe at his sight,

Recoiling deeper in your

Leather seat,

He is the rabies infected dog

Whom you pay no heed.


She lies writhing in pains,

In the throes of a killer disease,

A gesture from you,

Could have made her cross lighter,

Mitigated the pain.


You have imbued

Your heart with stone,

Compassion is in its darkest recesses.

To their yearnings and aspirations,

You could have lent a helping hand

But you conspired to be silent.

32 thoughts on “Conspiracy Of Silence” by Lawal Opeyemi Isaac (@easylife2)

  1. and we are all guilty…

    1. Yes o Kiah.Thanks for stopping by.

      1. @ope why d u av to remind me of my guilt everytime I walk on by “them” on the streets? But u know we have heard all sorts of stories o!!!

  2. This is a lovely poem Opeyemi! I love it…silence in the face of suffering when you can help is truely a conspiracy with self..I couldn’t have painted it better…i learned a new word thanks to you by the way…didn’t know what a squeegee was.You rock!

    1. We learn everyday estrella, that is the essence of living.I’m glad you find the poem enjoyable.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. @opeyemi, you DID it with STYLE… very good….i love the essence and the well built message… KUDOS..

    i love this:
    You have imbued

    Your heart with stone,

    1. I hope say I justify your wait…

      Thank for stopping by bro!

  4. It was the title that drew me to read this poem of yours, Isaac. As usual, work needs to be done here even though it is a good poem. One has to be careful when a piece shares the same title with an already published work. Most times, we writers are not aware of this, but those that are normally seek the permission of the author of that work to do so with good reason. This well-known author Chukwuemeka Ike has written a book (novel) called CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE in which the protagonist is a product of incest. This discovery was made towards the denouement of the novel in which we the readers realise that the person who actually conspired to remain silent was the protagonist’s mother.

    1. Point noted Emmanuella.How about if the poem is contained in a body of work e.g a poetry collection and is not the book title itself?

      Thanks for stopping by.

    1. “I consult that NS-god from up the skies before any NS-flogging is done unto me, for @Xikay has shouted my name. Amen. I ask for a shield to ‘protect’ me from the ‘pain’. I give you thanks, dear NS-god, for granting me audience and my express wish.”

  5. @emmanuella, you are missing in action o! i need your crisp criticism on neo-lite’s write-up, dem dey wait for you there.
    as for the gods, go and ask my friends, in campus, my nick-name was d’Gods.. i no fear…Amadioha na my paddy!

  6. Well done Ope, beautiful work here.

    1. Abbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Good to hear from you in so long a while( permit the English)…

      Glad you liked.Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Nice work Opeyemi, brings a lot to mind.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Scopeman.

  8. great piece and nice idea…

    1. Thanks Ahmed.Glad you found it so.

  9. Brings that song by Brandy and the other by Kirk to mind. There’s another day for all of us in paradise in we can learn to tell the less fortunate to lean on us…

    1. wow! Its good to have Myne comment on a work.

      Thanks for stopping by Myne.

  10. Ditto @Myne Whitman. @Emmanuella Nduonofit – Can one can own copyright to a title. Good poem. We all gotta try a little kindness. Enjoyed reading.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jay.You kjnow say we just dey try ni.

  11. I guess we all have conspired to let Compassion remain silent. In helping out others, we help him raise his voice, innit? Lovely poem.

    1. Thanks Ayo.Glad you think so of the poem.

  12. @myne, you can say that again

  13. Nice poem…our soceity is replete with so much eyesore. you see some urchins so hungrily sick that you conclude-here is a medical emergency. if you stay in the big cities up north,you may understand. i saw an army of hungerbeaten,malnourished beggars and at once,i lost hope. keep it coming

    1. Thanks writefight.If we could just do our little bit, the world will be a better place.

  14. nice. these things are inevitable in life though, i think it was stuff like this that led prince Gautama Buddha to go on the voyage thru his inner man to find enlightenment.i’m sure he found it was the purpose of man to alleviate the suffering of the next man (or woman)regardless of who they are or what they might or might not have done to you.

    1. I’m glad you got the underlying message.Thanks for stopping by.

  15. @Myne, that song was originally done by Phil Collins.

  16. @all, the message now is: try to affect at least one life positively, go outta your way to a do a little GOOD!

  17. @easylife2 great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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