Absurdities: Not So Much! (A Nonsense Verse)

Absurdities: Not So Much! (A Nonsense Verse)

Disclaimer: This poem is what is in literary terms known as a Nonsense Verse. The inspiration was Jabberwocky. I heard about it from my Cognitive Psychology class. However, there is a Philosophical school of thought known as Absurdism. Humans always want to make everything around us make sense, or have meaning. And we always chase for that meaning, until we reach it, or at least until it appears so. We ascribe meanings to things which ordinarily make no sense. That’s just the way we are.

So read the poem, and please, don’t comment about it not making sense, cos it’s not supposed to. BUT read it, and please give your own interpretation. Assign meaning to it. As of this point, I myself don’t know what I’m writing, so it’s more fun. I’ll see if I have put meaning into it afterwards as well. Have fun!!!!

Watch on, as the gurple runspeesh

Run on, no stop, they want peace

Behold, the mortals will not let go

Sacrificially rendering their souls on the Mirrentko

When though, when will it cease to stop?

When will the disease be cured?

It makes no sense, yet it does make sense, it’s insured

Doesn’t it flitter though the glitters how the grains pour like rain?

Shouldn’t we raise a finger for the sisters whose shames are exposed?

Suppose we try to find meaning, and yet we can’t?

Words don’t have meaning, do they? Who says?

Whose right is it to say that you don’t make sense?

Aren’t these inventions of the marital condolences from afar

The west, the east, through the mist, Please, make a list

A wish, there’s a star, to mar the destiny,

I pity the pedigree, living in penury, it’s been going on for a thousand centuries

Far away in the distance, the future is drawn, Come on

Let’s talk, we’ll walk, I’ll listen, I’ll carry, when you get tired

I’d rather stop, jumbled, oh my goodness, he grumbled, fired

Shots at him, at her, at us? It’s over, Run for covers, call the others

It’s done, we won, no they won, who? We have no opposition

We’re fighting for position, now we’ve caused a terrible demolition

Shame, killing our brothers, our sisters, our fathers, our mothers

Disaster, After, no laughter, tears instead

No tutors, or coaches to teach us, lies we’re fed

Cockroaches, underneath, monsters under, we can’t lie in the bed

AH, Joy, peace, see these worms, take turns to destroy what we strove for

Burns, bruises, scars, poverty, when will this last, Kerosene, none, so what is the stove for?

Journey is pointless, it’s endless, stop, when will we, someone has to tell me what I drove for!

I just read it myself. Try reading it aloud if it is possible, it sounds better, lol. Really it does.

Now think about the poem, make meaning of it. Comment on it, and tell us your interpretation before you go ahead and read mine, below:

Anyways my interpretation is that This is a complaint about humanity, about a group of people who are supposed to be in control. About the terrible implications of what our actions have caused us. It’s about the Journey of life, how it’s just a journey that keeps going, with no stop,. It’s about the decay of society, with no structure, everything is destroyed, everything is scattered. And when it seems like hope and joy and peace are about to surface, the cycle continues yet again. The question though if I feel like the person making the comments or the observation is not human, an alien maybe, or some Extraterrestrial Creature, or maybe GOD, sad about what he had created, maybe? Or maybe by someone who had lived a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago, and was able to witness the progression of mankind.

Now tell me what meaning do you ascribe to this?

17 thoughts on “Absurdities: Not So Much! (A Nonsense Verse)” by Ayokunle Falomo (@aryor)

  1. ???
    I quite enjoyed the piece Ayo, surprisingly. Several lines invoked deep thoughts.

    1. Lol, It surprises me too, more so when the goal was for it not to make sense, ahaha. Thanks.

  2. Think you just explained absurdism with the poem, that’s my interpretation. Good one. Enjoyed reading.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Nice interpretation too.

  3. @ayokunle, this piece made a whole lot of sense, though it was confusing at the begining…what spoilt if for me was the fact that you interpreted it..i was relishing the fact that i had gotten the message halfway…NICE, WELL DONE!

    1. Ah, I’m sorry I spoiled it for you, but it’s amazing to me how you would say it’s confusing though. The intro kinda gave out the purpose of the piece, lol. I’m still surprised that it made sense. In any case, THANKS!

  4. I echo xikay. You really shouldn’t have interpreted it. Now you made me understand it instead of making me crack my brain trying to figure it out. Lol.

    1. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t interpreted it, lol. I guess I was just to happy that I could put meaning into something that was supposed to be senseless, ahaha.

  5. I think the poem weaves from one area to the other smoothly. I like it.

    1. Thanks @Raymond. Again, I’m still surprised it did!

  6. “There is nothing funnier than unhappiness” – Samuel Beckett’s Endgame.

  7. You somehow succedded in rhyming and messing with my head…..lol.

    Well done!!!

    1. Ahaha, and you want me to congratulate myself for that, for messing with someone’s head? Just Kidding….Thanks.

  8. @lade abi? @ayokunle, the piece made a whole LOAD of SENSE bro

    1. Lol, kinda supports my hypothesis. We all ascribed sensibility to it even though it’s not supposed to make sense, ahahaha. Thanks.

  9. You know the thing about firing blindly…or in this case…a ‘fool’ talking in the midst of intellectuals? Substance is always gotten from ‘random’ speech. No offense whatsoever.

    the meaning I got is that of two people young and innocent…assaulted by the cares and soRrows of life…trying to challenge the stereotype.

    Well done…well done.

    1. Nice interpretation, loved the part about challenging the stereotype, right on…and no offense taken, cos well, it’s true what you said actually. Thanks.

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