What They Cannot See

What They Cannot See

He could have the grace of a gazelle
Or even the anointing of Samuel
But their scale-covered eyes would not see past his shell
Luscious ebony misconstrued as menacing darkness
To them, he is the embodiment of Hell.

The media says he is a thief
The society says his only gift is grief
If only they took their time
They would find astounding beauty-
Potential so sublime.

He may be damaged
His homeland may have been ravaged
Yet he can soar above his circumstance
They would know this
If they gave him a chance.

Whom is it that I speak of?
You neither have to look left, right, below or above
He is our brother, lover and friend- the African man
The one who was counted out of the fight
Before it even began.

P.S. This is for the good men out there o… Not the Lil Wayne serial baby daddy types… :)

11 thoughts on “What They Cannot See” by Funmi-F (@Funmi-F)

  1. @Funmi..nice piece.
    you are right about hte message but thank God all that is beginning to change and you shouldn’t blame lil wayne o as we have our own Nigerian lil wayne too.lol

  2. Good writing.

  3. lol Funmi. I like the melodic rhythm to it. The poem rings true and I already knew it could apply to anyone but I still love the way you ended it.
    “…The one who was counted out of the fight
    Before it even began.”

  4. Thanks guys… Poetry was never really my thing so your kind words mean a lot.

  5. This blew me away by its simplicity. Very well constructed and so so so true. Racial profiling is alive and kicking. Well done!

  6. Are you sure poetry isn’t your thing? Cuz you did justice to this piece.

    I guess the ‘good men’ have gotten your drift.

  7. Nice piece.

  8. lol, nice one there

  9. Hehehehe. The last line @ Lil Wayne was a killer. Nice.

  10. Nice one. I can definitely relate.

    nice. Really like this.

  11. To think that i used to like Lil Wayne…when he was younger and the baby of CASH MONEY…

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