We See Light

We See Light

Different folks with different tracks
Research calls even in love
The journey though God did bask
So many things are worldly slain

As the union gathers speed onward
The speed bumps may cry out
Only understanding same religion must board
As life will bring many a lesson

Marriage and its understanding begs
Everything may work but the spiritual
Who sees the future in this leg?
As different background and traits bugs

O for the marriage to be fine
One religion to be reckoned here
And faith plus hope to work in line
The journey many see and pray


What to do is not done
What is seen bothers the heart
And many things kill hearty fun
O the joy change could have brought

The fingers are pointing to others
Complains, burdened hearts and suffering minds
Our togetherness should have been our banner
But the pain progress and many grope

This is seen to be created
But selfishness calls greediness to sit
Pointing the finger forgetting all is related
Maybe tomorrow will bring laughter or sorrow

The reflection speaks the same daily
As we see that we want alone
O the pains the truths bounce slowly
Soon the reality will unfold
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8 thoughts on “We See Light” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. How far with your book, treasured1?

  2. Good one, treasured1.

  3. You are good, but I guess you knew that already. Well done!

  4. this is very good…, in every aspect of the poem, i say well done… still i dont know why you write two poems with different themes together

  5. I knew I wasn’t going to miss this..

  6. What more can anyone say about this man…or what he writes?!??

    1. just say good..more so because he never replies to feed backs

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