Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

Her tears stains my window

Clustering all around like tiny ants around a cube of sugar

Criss-crossing into one another

Her howling I hear from closed walls

Yet it pierces my hardened heart not

She cries out my name over & over again

The wind carries her words & echoes it all around for all to hear her woeful lament

Her stomach rumbles with untamed desires

Thunderous demands of a woman yearning to be loved

She beckons to me yet I heed not!

Anger courses through her veins

Her mood darkens; the sky grows dark with her rage

She spits expletives at me; in form of bolts of lightning, crackling all around her

Daring anyone to stand in the way of her wrath

A shiver of fear runs down my spine

The Beautiful yet lonely Earth yearns for her Lover

Yet I heed not

Her cries I turn a deaf ear towards

Wrapped under the blanket

Warm in another woman’s arms I lie

22 thoughts on “Unrequited Love” by afro-prince (@olayinka)

  1. Awww, too sad, too bad! Hmm.

    When I saw this: “Yet it pierces my hardened heart not”, I said to myself: Eh, we should’ve graduated from this form of poetry, yes? This verse should be re-written, I think.

    Then, even though I am also guilty of it, seeing another poet do it doesn’t make me happy, for I’m trying to repent, please: The use of the semi-colon may appear weak, but it’s very significant, for it has its own power somewhat – “Her mood darkens; the sky grows dark with her rage/She spits expletives at me; in form of bolts of lightning, crackling all around her”. I think a comma should serve in the first verse, since there’s already a comma in the second one, just a suggestion anyway.

    I guess maybe the in-between capitalisation was deliberate on the part of the poet, sort of like laying emphasis or so: “The Beautiful yet lonely Earth yearns for her Lover”.

    From the body of this poem, I guess ‘love’ was NEVER ‘unrequited’, hm? :)

  2. Am wondering why you said poets should refrain from using such line of poetry? I get your point about using a comma in the first verse & yes, the use of capitals was delibrate-to lay emphasis. And you right the love remained unrequited. Thanks for your detailed comment though!

    1. Princez, I didn’t say that poets should refrain from using the line of poetry you’ve just displayed here. I said, we should have graduated from such form of poetry. There are better ways of expression in poetry, understand, hm?

      1. And another thing: This verse needs no punctuation because that comma there has already served its purpose – “She spits expletives at me; in form of bolts of lightning, crackling all around her”. This was after a second look, sorry. Like I earlier suggested, these are just suggestions, hm.

  3. Brilliant poetry here. And I like that “she” symbolises more than just a longing lover. She could be anything else. I love this poem & its vivid imagery. Well done bro! *winks* http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/koboko

  4. Have to ditto @King koboko on the imagery and the fact that she could be anything. Good one.

  5. Am glad you guys (King Koboko & Lade) enjoyed the imagery displayed in the poem. I drew my inspiration from Nature herself lol. Thanks a lot for your encouraging comments.

  6. This is really nice Yinka, hoping to read more from you,good job.

  7. Will ditto @lade-a. Think the poem worked for me.

    This line ‘Warm in another woman’s arms I lie’, *winks*.

  8. Am glad you could reason along with the poem. As regards the last line, so you catch my gist lol *winks* back!

  9. @ wealth thanks alot my creative friend. I cant wait to read yours too.

  10. @Yinka, this is a nice poem, don’t you doubt it. Am I interpreting this line “The Beautiful yet lonely Earth yearns for her Lover” correctly, if I say that the suffering persona is a former lover that is now dead, whose ghost is not letting go of the man?
    Anyway, there’s a small typo on the first line; should be: Her tears stain my window.

  11. There are many interpretations to a piece of work as you are aware. I intended the suffering persona to represent Mother Nature(portrayed as a jilted lover) & imagine the rain on the window to be her tears of unrequited love. But I also like your interpretation. Thanks for the compliment & for spotting the typo :)

  12. Am glad you liked it!

  13. ~~Nice… I’m offering a handshake…

  14. Well done Prince! I have my own interpretation that I’d rather not share.

  15. Thanks Idoko….(shakes hand vigorously & grins impishly). Mr Scopeman am interested in hearing your own interpreatation if its not too hot for my ears lol. Thanks.

  16. @afro-prince, this your poem na fantastic one o! you did a GREAT job.

  17. and remember that unrequited love is one major motive for murder and other heinous crimes, JUST KIDDING

  18. @ Xikay…am basking in the aura of your praise! Una.. thank you! I drew my inspiration from Mother Nature herself. I certainly agree that unrequited love can lead to crimes of all sorts such as Stalking, harassing,physical assault etc.

  19. Nice one U got here bro.

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