this is me

this is me

i am the son of my mother

the child of my father

the creation of my creator

an offspring of nature

i am the voice of the silent

i speak their intent

the finger that crushes the weevil

and shed the garbs of evil

i am the ear of the deaf

i hear not for my self

i am the snake in the grass

i strike the evil ones who pass

i am the dove

that coots in the silent cove

i am the pied piper

my tunes tames the viper

i am just a man

like me if you can

..if you hate me

just let me be me!

15 thoughts on “this is me” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. I like this. And i like you. And i want U to be U! Lol

  2. thanks lade, some people cant just let others be what they are!

  3. I love it Brainy Poet.The first thing that always strikes me in a poem, is the rythm.It has to echo my own heart.And yours does.It’s almost like a song.

  4. thanks Jef, i need the encouragement

  5. You inspire me Brainy, keep it up!

  6. Trust me if you become what they want, they won’t still like you. So just be who you are and if na just your ma wey like you, manage am.

    Good work. Message was spot on.

  7. @Valentino, so i was inspired by others and even you too @Jaywriter , you are right i’ve gotten to a point where i do what i do because it suits me and my conscience not anybody

  8. you should only be you and no one else. Well done.

  9. @scopeman, thanks i’ll keep that in mind.

  10. This is nice.. I like ..

  11. @2cute4u, i see you everywhere making comments, you must be a voracious reader so for you to call this nice…. i’d say thank a lot.

  12. I like this cos it exudes so much confidence… you just described ME!

    1. ha ha ha YOU! thats good. everyone should try to be just to their conscience

  13. Simple but powerful.
    Me likee.

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