Success In I Do

Success In I Do

This will probe the mind at home
What is the marriage worth today?
A thought probing for you alone
As you must establish cherishing attitude

The journey as began in respect
So many things will burn daily
The line will fall in truth, reflect
As unconditional love will beg to flow

Financial security a must pursue
But the home still stands most important
Though compromise might fight to be sure
In money matters be dicey and talk

The time to help is calling in ways
As the discovery of sexual satisfaction calls
Understanding the tides of love weighs
As advice and love builds all truth


The burden the heart goes through
As many children are dying inside
Where is the love that was bought?
Today we wish the coming back

O the pains of this distance comfort!
What happen to saying ‘I do?’
I am to learn what’s bought
But where are the factual teachers?

I see my teachers getting mad
Daily the abuse and fights goes on
Where lays the love they’ve had?
My heart burns in doubt of words

I’ve learned nothing of love here
My teachers taught me nothing
As nothing of my feelings are cared
I follow my lane forgetting their saying

4 thoughts on “Success In I Do” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. Good one. Second one for me.

  2. Week in week out, what’s the secret bro?
    Well done!

  3. @teasured1, O BOY. i donr even know which line to quote as exceptional, ebverything is tops, rich and detailed as well as deep. thank you for sharing this

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