I cannot get you out of my thoughts

The image of you is etched in my mind

Drawn not with ink or paint but with the blood from my veins

Not even the hands of time can erase them away

Your sweet voice keeps ringing in my ears

I still hear you singing ‘’Olufunmi’’

Telling me that this is our wedding song

How can I forget your warm smile that warmed my very heart

The same way the Sun warms the Earth each morning with its radiant smile

That made me felt like I meet one of God’s angels

I wish I could hold you in my arms again

And never let you go, locked together forever in eternal love…

You would be my Juliet and I your Romeo

I wish I could reassure you that I would always love you no matter what….

I wish I could make you see that you are the only one for me…

I wish I could turn back the hands of time to when things where perfect…

I guess my Love wasn’t enough for you…

And now am spending sleepless nights

Reminiscing on what we shared

And wishing with all my breath that I could hold you one last time….

20 thoughts on “Scarred” by afro-prince (@olayinka)

  1. Another beautiful lost love poem.
    Nice one.

  2. Thanks lade. Am glad you saw the beauty of the words.

  3. well. hope she sees this. nice

  4. nice one. Hope you’ll get her back at the end..

  5. Nice one Yinka.I especially love the first three lines.Seems like something I could have written.I think “made me felt like I meet …” should be “made me feel like I met…”

  6. Nice one Yinka, well done!

  7. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments.Its a shame the girl in question is long gone. I agree that ‘meet’ should have been ‘met’, that was an error while typing(I like the way u ‘stylish’ corrected me lol)

  8. Good stuff. Like me always says, we’ve all been there. Loved it. Think Skeeter Davis has made me a bigger sucker for such poems. Keep it up man.

  9. Hmmm What’s left is just to hear you read the lines… It is beautiful… A calm collections of words…

  10. Thanks guys for your uplifting comments. Its put a smile on my face. I would surely relish the opportunity where we can all share poems & ideas collectively!

  11. Where is she? She should see this, don’t you think? Nice one.

  12. lol…tell me about it! I think she should see this too. Am glad you liked it.

  13. Watch the typos man, they can be a nuisance many-a-times.

  14. Would do mate thanks for the tip.

  15. @Scope i see you got eagle eyes, but you’re right…all the same the work is well done

  16. Easy read.. Love the simplicity..

  17. Thanks 2cute4u…I believe in using simple words that readers can easily relate to. I hope you saw the ambiguity in mentioning the ill-fated lovers Romeo & Juliet to represent the love the persona felt as well as the DOOM of this same love as well.

    1. its always good to have the readers in mind when writing. you are not writing for yourself…so you did well

  18. This is dope. My type of stuff.
    Welldone homie.

  19. Nice love note

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