One moment tumbling into another:

Our eyes meet across the room

Lock and probe,

Probe and take;

You probe,

I give.

I probe,

you give.

Language… silence;

Speech… flustered

I am clammy under my skin,

You perspire,

your skin a beautiful brownish sheen;

‘Ask me, ask me’,

I chant within

Breathless anticipation

Making my breath hitch;

I am arms and legs,

Arms and legs all of a sudden:

Which foot to place first?

Left or right?

Which hip to swing first?

Right or left?

Is my laughter too gay?

Or is it lady like?

Is it music to your ears?

Or will you think it too dull?

Conversation fades away

The ‘’dum du- dum,dum, du-dum’ of my racing heart

Is all I hear;

Your eyes widen

Can you hear it too?

Mortification wars with desire,

Desire wins so I nod at you a little,

You nod back,

Your glass raised in mocking a ‘salud’!

You move towards me

And I lean in too

Two star struck lovers,

Meeting across a crowded room.

Don’t ask me my name

I just want to know you;

You don’t ask me my name

And I still get to know you


Leaves stirred restlessly By the gentle breeze.

I hardly feel it,

On this uncrowded balcony

Where you warm me with your eyes ;

‘Don’t ask me my name,

’ You murmur

I just want to know you;

I don’t ask you your name

And you still get to know me

Like an over ripe tomato I plop,

Secrets spilling out in hurry

Tales told by moonlight

Unfurl without reserve

You my willing audience

You my willing stage

I the willing story teller

I the bumbling actress

We, another play in progress…

33 thoughts on “Rendezvous” by estrella (@estrella)

  1. Hehehehehe, i love the build up to the last word.
    Was it just a ‘play’ or am I taking the last line too literally?
    Nice work Estrella!

  2. I love this, a poem that reads like prose. Well done Estrella!

  3. I think I’ll probably do ‘my own estrella’ and probably marry anyone who wins, understand it as an artist. Somehow I seem to always feel at home with your poems. This is very good. I love the story it told as well. Very nice one. Got a lot more to say. Maybe in your next post. Still try to read Undiscovered Discovery and Yin more more by Meena at least once a week. You know how it is.

  4. @Remiroy…lol! I think the act of falling in love is a play cause you both have a part in your head and you act it out…when it comes to staying in love tha’ts when real life butts in! so nah,you didn’t take the last line literally!

  5. @scopeman…Merci,Merci…

  6. @estrella, from the first to the last letter, i was hooked….nice build up, no drop..KUDOS

  7. This is a good creative piece that spins the imagination of the reader… Thumbs up..

  8. @idoko, i was spun round and round. tis a nice piece

  9. @xikay…coming from you xikay,that means a lot…i’m going to be spinning you around more and more so get ready for the ride oh! lol!
    @Idoko…thanks man!

  10. and i hope you do too. i went to your blog and found good stuff but could not follow you… check out mine..

  11. What I really appreciate is your comment showing what was behind this poem.Makes me love it the more.

    Tis is really good estrella.

    Well done!!!

  12. @xikay…sorry about that…i uploaded another template unto my blogger blog and that kinda affected the settings.I’m still trying to work on that so when I’m done I’ll let you know.Imma definitely check out your blog.get back to you soon!

  13. @Opeyemi…thanks dearie! How have you been?

    1. @ estrella: My sister I dey o! I’m just praying fervently make grey hairs never comot for my head before I comot for university.Hope u r gud too?

  14. “…For she is a jolly good poet, for she is a jolly good…”
    Nice one Estrella, good job.

  15. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Don’t need to tell again how good you are. If I need to, I will willingly bet my last dim on you. More grease girl.

  16. @estrella, i get you. waiting. @raymond, i dey suspect you o! the poem was not about you joo

    1. @xikay…U sure? Hehehe…Oya, make we ask Estrella naa! Estrella!!! Oya, U are on the hot seat now oh! Hehehehe…

  17. @Fred…a jolly big thank you for your compliments! lol

  18. @raymond…thanks dearie…i didn’t write the poem for you though,i wrote it for xikay so….

  19. @raymond, Mmmmmeeeee! you think say @estrella go like you after she see you dey play with RAKMUN for that CHECKPOINT? no way. thank you jare, dear.

    1. @xikay, Oya, U don win! As for playing with Rakmuns, well, what can I say? Some people call me weird, and a friend says I’m dark n dreary. Hehehe… Na them sabi. Funny thing though, she’s a freak just like us (abi U think say Professor Xavier no dey watch us?)
      @estrella, No wahala oh! Hehehe…

  20. @Jaywriter..Thanks a bunch! I took my time to answer you cause you are special…let me know when you ‘do your own estrella’…lol!
    You feel at home with my poems? Awwww! Now you;re making me tear up! Thanks anyhow! mwuah!

  21. @estrella, jaywriter will feel at home with your poems or YOU? ask him which… i do know 1 estrella and no one can duplicate it

    1. @xikay – I think you are right. Thanks for that. So @estrella think it would be wonderful to have you read me the poems someday, maybe on a sandy beach. Maybe you could also work on a poem like that too, a guy who enjoys listening to a girl read poems to him on a beach. @xikay – you could write on that too. Her poems, work. Herself, strongly believe she’ll be a really wonderful company. I hope that answers your question as well? @xikay, dey very funny. Na you go be NS man of the year 2011. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

  22. @Jaywriter…Oya oh! you’re the one on the hot seat now! lol…come and defend yourself!

  23. @jaywriter, i am laffing in tongues… estrella on a sandy beach. i hope you have not planted some RAKMUNS nearby… well i’ll surely write a poem about what you said…WATCH OUT…

  24. know what? That’s an excellent idea for a poem..I’ll get started on it as soon as i can…and i won’t mind reading to you sometime.Sandy beaches are just my thing and no,I’m not flirting with you! hehehehe
    @xikay..would loooove to read your take on that idea!

    1. @estrella – Good you two are working on the idea. Na me go get first look oh. So send to my inbox when you guys’re through. You aint flirting with me? Are we supposed to be, lol. I don’t know what kinda flirting you were talking about sef. American or Nigerian? Hope you know say American flirting and Nigerian flirting no be the same thing?

  25. The deliberate tempo you created in this poem is near-magnificent, @Estrella. Come to think of it, that is the true flesh of this poem in my own personal opinion. Take that away and there IS no poem! Hmmm…

    Em, @Jaywriter, you seem to forget an NS-past so quickly [refer to commentaries following A KID’S PRAYER]. I’m about to see a near-similar build-up here, eh! And with the ‘sweet’ and ‘bold’ @Estrella AGAIN??? Na wa o! :D With the way @Xikay [formerly Brainy Poet] pops up commentaries here, e b like say im done already take over from @Paul! Kai, problem dey, o! Where IS Mr.Anderson, biko? He should come and take his rightful place, o! I utter them as the supposed ‘crowned’ ‘divine-mother-from-above’ of @Paul‘s and @Estrella‘s kids. Gbam! ;)

    PS. Remember that special NS-casa LOVERS AND FRIENDS, hm? Well, may I just suggest that this lovey-dovey yarnings continue in that tryst, please. Or should February 14 come first, hm? :)

    1. @Emmanuella Nduonofit – Mastress, since our man no show again, the show must still go on, lol. From a reliable source, he’s coming back soon. He’s eeing a shrink (me) now, he’s kinda heartbroken now, lol.

    2. :) Come to think of it, I was in a taxi when I heard Craig David’s RENDEZVOUS from the radio. I said to myself: If I compare the tempo in this poem to the tempo in this music, would they ‘sychronise’, hm? I laughed a little on that…

  26. @estrella, i’ve written it already… ask ADMIN, @emmanuella,come Feb14th, i may send you a BOUQUET … LOL LOL and LOL

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