A tare of fear

Left to bloom,

A tint of stain

On tribal prides,

A light heart

Worn on sleeves,

A heavy soul

Masked by smiles,

A naughty angel

To the rescue,

All to break

On my head.

21 thoughts on “Rage” by Kabura Zakama (@fulanipoet)

  1. I love the magic of the rhythm

  2. Oga Zakama, my elder, I salute! :D

    I think there’s a slight error here on the first verse of this short but rich debut poem of yours: “A tare of fear”. I think it should have been “A [tear] of fear”, right? Please, you are more than free to correct this correction, sir.

  3. @ Emmanuella, a tare is a weed, so the meaning is appropriate. The poem is simple and lovely. Good one @ Kabura

  4. Really simple but punchy at the same time. Hope the rage does not consume!

  5. Fine shot,but I didn’t feel di rage.In ‘A tare of tear /left to bloom’,I wish di cause of di tear was hinted @.The line dat passively relates 2 ‘Rage’ is/A heavy soul… .Again,don’t u think the line/A light heart/Worn on sleeves though a taut line,reduces the pungence of di poem.Albeit,cheers.

  6. I am not one for poems, but the nature of this one appealed to be, especially the abstractness of the end..at least it felt that way to me. Nice.

  7. good poem, short and yet full..like a maidens bossom, nice

  8. I like that it is straightforward and sincere, that does the magic for me.

  9. Thanks, friends! I will look into your suggestions, Charles.
    @Emmanuella: Shope is right.

    1. :) Like I said, Oga Zakama et al, thank you for correcting what I thought was incorrect. I’m learning… Muchios gratias, sir. I salute! :D

  10. @Emmanuella TARE is a weed and like FEAR, it is unwanted so he has unwanted fear! kudos to the poet

  11. I was hit by this. Heavy lines.

  12. Worked for me. Good one.

  13. each time i read it, i get new things to say about it,..very lovely

  14. brilliant… very precise but deep. I see absolutely nothing wrong with “A Tare of Tear” – it’s a fascinating combination. I wonder why brainy hasn’t told anyone here to stop reading poems as an essay!

  15. This is a good one, but I think A light heart/worn on sleeves detract somewhat from the punchiness of the poem.

    Well done!!!

  16. @Colo i havent because they have all read the poem as a poem, note that i commented on the “tare of FEAR(not tear as you MISTAKENLY said) “

  17. I love this poem..

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