Poem To My Unknown Love

Poem To My Unknown Love

Looking out my window
somehow i know
that you’re there
far away but near
a face among the crowd
held high and proud

i feel it in my bones
in sweet stirring tones
the joy that comes with love
and having someone to love
i see you in my heart
though we’re apart
i see your face as i gaze
through the misty haze
knowing you
hearing you
feeling you
and wanting you 

though we’ve never met
Our fate is set
and when we meet
it will be sweet
the joy that we’ll feel
for its real

the stars will twinkle
the fish and the periwinkle
will smile to the moon
the rain of monsoon
will fall for us
nature will dance with us
for this love of ours
is sealed by heavenly and earthly powers

22 thoughts on “Poem To My Unknown Love” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. Lovely piece. Well applied rhyme.

  2. Simple and sweet, with good rhyming too. I go love o…..lol.

    Well done!!!

  3. @Shope and Lawal, thanks. i wrote this poem as a confession when i felt emotionally downcast. as for the rhymes, its hard for me to write poetry without it though i do sometimes

  4. Don’t know if it’s you or someone else but your small letters all through kinda works very well for me. This is a lovely poem. Like something a geek’s most likely to write. Someone mentioned the rhymes too, think the rhymes were cool too. Simple, sweet and sexy. Keep it up. Hope she comes along pretty soon too.

  5. I think that if you had spaced the lines a little, maybe even arranged it in stanzas, it would have added a bit more magic to this piece.

  6. Emotional longing!The rhyme and diction is uncluttered.Cheers doc.

  7. @Jay thanks bro, mind you this poem is 3 years old so she has come and gone @Scope i wanted to space it but i grouped the paragraph as one unit of thought, thanks @ Charles thanks very much

  8. nice piece you got there, and very good rhyming too,(so sad she’s come and gone).

  9. I liked the pace of the poem, my ‘braininess’. The rhymes were thoughtful and peaceful and simple, yet powerful, ‘tweaked’. It’s a poem that will go a long way. If you really wish to re-look it, I would suggest making couplets as stanzas throughout the entire poem, and the small letterings @Jaywriter was referring to is something a certain ‘e.e.cummings’ would do, to break tradition.

  10. @posh i have no sad memories for the ‘coming and going’, thank you jare @Emmanuella, i will definitely do the couplet stanza form, very thoughtful.
    NOTE:the small lettering at the beginnings of lines is a personal style…

  11. Not a huge fan of poetry, but definitely changing my ways on NS.

    This resonates with me as a path I’ve walked.

    Lovely, sweet poem.

  12. @roo i can understand, have you ever watched love flowing around you on a valentine day and you can’t just think of anyone you could share love with?…its the thing.

  13. cool. i like the rythm, random uniformity’s what i call it. the lines,
    “…nature will dance with us
    for this love of ours
    is sealed by earthly and heavenly powers”

    wraps it up like a gift.

  14. You can stick to the style of small letters but never fail to capitalize ‘I’ … It’s a suggestion… Hope you don’t spell God as ‘god’ when he shows up in your lines?

  15. @idoko u r funny, noted thanks @matthew, thanks jwor.

  16. Love the rhyming..
    Love everything about this poem

  17. This is another lovely poem you have written mate. I like the fact that the poem rhymes & yet makes sense…one line flowing into another…It inspires hope that true love would prevail in the end :)

  18. What a lovely poem! So sweet and heartfelt.

  19. @2cute4u;@lade and @afro-prince,una thank you wella, its encouraging. i hope to be better.

  20. Reading and nodding my head; good, I enjoyed it.

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