Minding My Business

Minding My Business

I saw her first from a distance,
Adorned with rags and exotic insects.
Her signature scent was Very Vile,
Hair and makeup by House of Life’s Trials.
The world moved on in the midday heat,
People so busy, they never missed a beat.
‘People with needs is nothing new;
We’ve got ours, we could mention a few.’
For one second, I thought I might pause,
Find out her story, what the problem was.
But like others before, I averted my eye,
Looked straight ahead, walked on by.

I might sound pious and very nice
If I told you she’d haunt me for many nights.
I’m sorry to say, but I will forget her,
Long before I turn the next corner.
So I wished her well, this poor, sad soul,
But I had enough issues to call my own.

41 thoughts on “Minding My Business” by Uche Okonkwo (@Uche)

  1. i love this. really love this.
    i'm not very hot on poems but this hit me smack dab between the eyes.
    i wanna read more from you.

  2. Quite sad. Maybe one day we’ll have people who’d stop and ask ‘what’s their story’. Very good poem. Use of words, good too.

  3. @ Jaywriter: yeah, maybe. thanks for commenting.

  4. Well done Uche. This aptly captures the reality of the times we are in.

  5. how funny that i saw this today exactly when i had this particular experience.
    i love this poem.
    you captured even those thing words sometimes cant say.

  6. At such times, I just rationalise my desire to mind my business…Very real, very nicely written..

  7. Nice and touching, this poem. I’ve been in the situation described recently and you aptly captured it.

  8. Could have sworn i said something about this already…but maybe i read it elsewhere or something.

    It’s a classic tale…moreso it’s one almost every other person can relate to.

    More ink.

  9. Lovely. Very thoughtful. You are really a deep thinker.

  10. Uche,
    Its very human to feel like this sometimes. However, like you noted, ‘we’ve got ours…’
    Good piece man.

    1. Thanks Engineer. This Uche is a girl, though. Lol.

      1. A very sweet one if I may add!

        1. Seun,
          Now I am thinking something else…’a very sweet one’. Ok o…

          1. Don’t think anything.


      2. Sorry Uche.
        Ok then, Good piece baby!

  11. Nicely done though a bit depressing. Good job.

    1. Yeah, it is depressing. I’ve been accused of being a tragedist.

  12. I like this. You’ve captured brilliantly the growing sense of apathy we feel sometimes towards life not directly linked to ours.
    Well written.

  13. Daisy (@divinethought)

    I like it. Brief, honest and straightforward..my kinda poem! :)

  14. comments brought me back here. this poem is really great.

    some of your allusions are not as tight as could be..*wink* but that doesnt take much away from it


  16. This was done very nicely…Sweet..

  17. wonderful poem and very precise. really it happens to almost everybody each day

  18. Ditto, Ditto, ditto, ditto….And where exactly have you been hiding? My sister, me i no sabi beg o…it just would be a crime if you did not give us more! I rest my case.

  19. Calls to mind the tale of the ‘Good Samaritan’
    Good one.

  20. we are all so guilty of the same actions. Well done Uche

  21. Sad but truth is that we all kinda get busy with our own issues sometimes and forget to stop for a minute to worry about someone else.

    1. and then we feel damn guilty afterward…one such occurrence still haunts me

      1. Oh Aww. Xikay said a bad word:)

  22. this is really good, uche…u skipped through all the cloudy brouhaha to hit hard and deep on the crux of the matter – something most of all look at daily but never really ‘see’. way to go, lady…please, write some more.

  23. I have been there.
    Had to drive back once to look for a beggar whose eyes haunted me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Love at first read. Aptly captured the fleeting emotion.

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