If The World Ends Tonight…

If The World Ends Tonight…

If the world ends tonight…

I’ll hope

Hope that I made eternity

Made eternity and remembered


the days of life on earth

and I looked and I saw

the beginning and the end

the saltiness of a god on earth.

I would

Hope that you made it

Despite my fears

Despite our sins

How we strayed

And how we stayed

In the secret place of Creator God


Grateful for his unconditions


If the world ends tonight

Truth will be laid bare

Bare as the light in my eye

My high…my weakness

But I did make eternity

And we all remembered

…If the world ends tonight!

14 thoughts on “If The World Ends Tonight…” by neo-lite (@markwealth)

  1. Not tonight, maybe tomorrow, don’t ask me why. lol

    Lovely piece Matthew.

  2. thanx, man my first on NS. yayyy!!!

  3. You first on NS and it’s a good start. Well done. The title reminded me of @lade-a If Tomorrow Never Comes.

  4. thanx man.haven’t read “If tomorrow never comes”.i’ll check it out.

  5. Very nice and thought provoking poem, but i’d like the ending to wait… you know why!?

  6. The world should take its sweet time on ending cause i want to get married and have those twins I’ve always dreamed about oh! lol!
    beautiful poem Matthew..welcome to NS!

  7. @xikay, no…why?@estrella, nice to have u here.read some of yr stuff so i know u r familiar with the bible. do u know it says that it is out of mercy that God will cut the end short?in other words things will get worse and we’ll deserve it.i’ll say for me its 50-50.to go to heaven is fine but to live is labor…for the good of mankind.

  8. i never buy my ticket to heaven, na the truth be that!

  9. so u think u cld pay yr way into heaven?come on!no be by power or might or tickets, na by mercy and grace.

  10. @neo-lite thats what i’m saying. we all need to get our foot on the path and God will do the leading… i’m waLKING back to the path

  11. Smooth…Easy on the eyes…I like it.

  12. What I like most about this is the repetiton techniques that you used.Very good poem with smooth flow.

    Well done!!!

  13. i like your poem neo,very thought provoking and intriguing..
    do i want the world to end tonight? Nah! there a whole lots of stuffs i’ll like to do before going…lol

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