I Versus Eyes

I Versus Eyes

There is an “I” you feel in your spirit. That “I” is great, rich, popular, beautiful and more successful than you are now. That “I” inspires you to forego many pleasures and make the needed sacrifices. Yet your “eyes” tempt you two see that “I” as an illusion, an impossible, a mirage. Worse still, the “eyes” of your family and friends look at you as if you were crazy, psycho, delusional, every time you talk about that “I”.

It is a battle between your spirit and your body. Remember that the spirit of the Wright brothers saw man flying in the skies among the birds while their bodies were still glued to the ground, while everybody reminded them how impossible it was. Yet today, we all take the aeroplanes, helicopters and jets for granted. “Their ‘eyes’ have eventually seen how right ‘I’ was,” a Wright brother would say. Remember too, how the spirit in a small David defeated the gigantic body of Goliath.

Let it be known today and always that “I” can achieve whatsoever I believe “I” can achieve. Let it be known to the many “eyes” doubting me that one day they shall look into my eyes with admiration and respect in their own “eyes”. And even if we don’t succeed at that, let it be known that we are forever proud that we had the balls, the courage and the faith to at least try.

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16 thoughts on “I Versus Eyes” by King kObOkO (@koboko)

  1. Nwanne,I feel like hugging u.I feel di temper of ur pulse,di rev of ur engine and di gush of ur passion.Infact,chop knuckles!

  2. another knuckle for you bro…

  3. Brilliant!
    And true!
    Thumbs up.

  4. this is KOBOKOCIOUSLY inspiring. nice one. let the I be listened to, so says KOBOKO!

  5. I am beside myself with inspiration. Thanks for making my day, Koboko!!

  6. You’re so very right man. Beginning to really think that you’re the man around here now. Defying the odds for the ultimate victory. Very good work.

    1. Oga Jay, yes o! WE all are the men. *winks*

  7. i just came around to take another peek..lovely

    1. D BRAINiest POET, thank u my broda. I’m also inspired by ur comments o! *winks*

  8. Now that last paragraph killed it for me.There is joy in trying, sincerely, than not trying at all.

    Well done!!!

  9. Ayo (@boringblogger)

    Truly inspiring

  10. Opeyemi, you’re right..they even say’ its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’-its so with everything we do

  11. Thanks everyone. *winks* I wrote this to inspire people like me who strive to do more than just survive. I wrote it to inspire all of us who press towards our dreams, towards the new, towards success. I wrote it to hail anyone who will ever try & fail. Let us keep trying for that is the price. Yes o! One day we shall find our feet, we shall flap & we shall FLY. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/koboko

  12. indeed if that was your aim, you got me inspired

  13. This is simple and clear. This is art at it’s finest.

    This is great.

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