I Love Her

I Love Her

O, I love her
I love her like a fresh scar
I love her like a rotten egg
And daily, freedom from her, I beg

I love her bright morning smiles
I love the woes, that daily, she piles
I love how she strongly loves
Withholding her pleasures, and shielding her curves

O, what a lover, Nigeria?
A name whose origin is Niger area
Decided by stray, foreign lovers
Who are worse than gold robbers

I love the enticing wealth around her waist
Wealth which the west fought to taste
With fire sticks, they held her, and raped
She couldn’t scream; mouth taped

O, she lost her innocence, and became wild
Forced into early marriage like a helpless child
And now, she’s grown and worse
I still love her; it’s my curse.

11 thoughts on “I Love Her” by BOB (@ROBERT-EKAT)

  1. I still love her; it’s my curse. Hope one day you’ll write – I love her; it’s my blessing. Good poem.

    1. That’s every ones hope…meanwhile it’s a love hate relationship.

  2. i still love her too no matter her short comings and i also think we should move on and stop blaming those colonial masters fro after so many years that our destiny have been in our own hands,if we v=cant move forward then we have no one to blame.
    nice piece.

  3. Great piece; i love and enjoyed it.
    I think this was well written.
    Well done!

  4. a nice poem depicting the present state of Nigeria…Like Jaywriter I also look forward to the day we can write ‘I love her; She’s my blessing’

  5. Nigeria na my country I must to do beta for am…yes O na we own. Nigeria we hail thee…good job!

  6. My First Ex- Girlfriend!!!!!!!

  7. Brilliant. Perfect rhymes (where’s xikay?!) and good use of words too. I love this even if I’m not so sure I share your love for this geographical contraption called Nigeria!

  8. Nice poem but like Paul rightly said. Its high time we moved on and stop blaming those colonial masters for our failings as a nation. South Africa, Ghana, Botwana, Brazil, etc were colonised too but look at how good they’ve done for themselves.

  9. I ditto Igwe on this one. Nice.

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