I’m Still Here

I’m Still Here

Colder and colder I go
As the pain of the past flows
Wish the hand of time could turn
But within I really burn

I am still here in changing
Forgetting the past for my slaying
Though some pains can truly kill
Life is sometimes up the hill

I am awakened again to think
Is life this just a blink?
We are all humans in trailing
Though some live in the sailing

I am alright with my past
Though the failing was my last
I am sane to be the man
Living my time among sane humans

It’s amazing how the world goes
Thinking we know all the flows
Pointing the fingers forgetting the other
And walking in the dark banter

Who knows and who sees?
A question we pose too free
The coin sides are the same
Even our excuses are lame

He is the bad egg we say
But within we hide our tray
The confirmation of tomorrow speaks
All cisterns will soon leak

Who wash the dirty linings?
The heavens will send lightening
We shall see perfection today
But how can that we say


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10 thoughts on “I’m Still Here” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. Loved the first and second poem. You have done it again treasured1.

    Well done!!!

  2. and here comes a piece that trips me bad. very nice job here. i am impressed not only by the highly detailed and rich nature of the poem but the fact that you maintain your style of combining poems. BIG_UP to you….this is a TREASURE

  3. I agree with opeyemi,I love the second poem.Its easy to point fingers at people when they go wrong and ignore the fact that we are less than perfect ourselves.well done treasured one!

  4. I wonder how many poems you have written so far.

  5. You really are good. And I also wonder how many poems you’ve written?

  6. me sef wonder dey pieces me here o! no matter the number sha, the guy dey make sense

  7. Again I’ll say this. I’m not a peotry person, but Ur poem called out to me…I’m glad I answered. I particularly love the first one. I will probably use part of it as an opening to one of my stories. I am officially seeking Ur permission to do that…

  8. First one was the best for me. @estrella – you’re right. Think we all do it from time to time. But maybe how we do is all that matters. At least it works on NS. Oh Pastoress.

  9. I’m in love with your style of writing..

  10. @everybody….pleaase where is treasured1?!

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