His Eyes

His Eyes

His eyes penetrate my walls
My lies, woven skilfully to dissuade intruders
His eyes invade my space
Plundering my fortress
Piercing my soul
They won’t stop.

His eyes are hungry
Their voracious appetite only quelled by my secrets
They feast
Devouring my pain shamelessly until nothing is left
My garment of loneliness has been torn to shreds
I am terrified, vulnerable, naked.

Yet, he remains.
Undaunted by the chaos
Prepared for the challenge
His eyes have seen the truth
My truth
And they are still hungry, still sincere, still in love.

12 thoughts on “His Eyes” by Funmi-F (@Funmi-F)

  1. wow
    short and incisive.
    could ascribe a lot of positive meanings to it.

  2. My thoughts’re kinda moving from here to here. Hope it is what me’s thinking of… wonderful. Good poem.

  3. His eyes! Hmmm. Yes, short and incisive indeed. It speaks to me in positive ways too. Well done.

  4. Thanks guys… I’m not good at writing poetry so I appreciate your positive comments. :)

  5. Good poem. Welldone

  6. Love??? In his eyes???

  7. She’s been hurt before, he wants to love her better…you told it well.

  8. Poetry never lies… blunt truths our of the heart… Nice one…

    1. Poetry never lies… blunt truths of the heart… Nice one (No mind me)

  9. raw emotion……..

  10. Multi-faceted. Nice.

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